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  The natal chart, your birth chart, shows your potential free from social, cultural, and religious conditioning. 

It does not see you as being male, female, black, white, gay, straight, or any other label. 

Astrology sees you as a spiritual and creative individual.  

Astrology is not a fortune telling device, nor is it about destiny or fate.  Astrology consultations offer advice about how to proceed so that you can exercise greater free-will. Knowledge is power and a reading can help you discover powerful new ideas.  Astrology offers counsel, advice, and ideas so that informed choices can be made about all aspects of life.  Astrology offers ideas and specific advice about your future and your life that is an alternative to traditional, customary, and conventional ideologies.  It presents an 'Alternate Perspective' designed to make you think about all of your options.

This picture is a close-up of one of the giant Pillars that is jetting dust and gas out of the Carina Nebula, taken by the Hubble Deep Field Camera.  These jets are being pulled from the nebula as the result of the monstrous forces from, and being worn away by the radiation of nearby stars.  The Carina Nebula is 7500 light-years away from Earth.  Our Solar System would be as large as one pixel.

        One light-year = traveling @ 186,000 miles per second,

            x 60 seconds per minute, x 60 minutes per hour,

                x 24 hours in one day, x 365 days per year!

           Multiplied By 7,500 To Reach The Carina Nebula!

To walk 1 light-year, at a moderate pace of 20 minutes a mile, it would take you 225 million years to complete your journey, (not including stops for meals or the restroom).  If you started just before dinosaurs appeared on Earth, you'd probably be finishing your hike just about now.  Even if you hitched a ride on N.A.S.A.'sMach 9.68x- 43A Hypersonic Scram Jet, the fastest aircraft in the world, it would take about 95,000 years to cover the distance.

You'll need a pretty big travel bag too; walking such a distance requires substantial supplies.  You'd need 2 trillion Power Bars to fuel your trip.  You'd also produce a heap of worn-out shoes.  The typical pair of sneakers will last you 500 miles, so you'd burn through some 11.8 billion pairs of shoes; and all that effort wouldn't get you very far, astronomically speaking, because the closest star to our Sun, is Proxima Centauri which is 4.22 light-years away!