A "Personality Profile" is a description about what you are at your most personal level, describing your
feelings, attitudes, and modus-operandi in all areas of your life.  It is possible to circumvent them, but only
at a great cost.  Many cultural and social expectations demand some self-denial which is in some cases
necessary and in others, a mistake.  It is important to be clear about when you can safely compromise
your values for the sake of cultural cohesion and when it would cause great personal suffering.  A reading
can clarify these issues exceptionally well.

The influences which describe the past, present, and future, (called "transits"), do not describe what has
happened or what will happen; they describe what you would like to do, feel compelled to do, and what
would be best for you, whether you know what is best or not.  You have the ability to do anything at
anytime; free will always is the primary, overriding factor which works for or against you.  In other words,
you have just as much ability to choose the wrong course of action as the right one.

Astrology does not seek to predict what is and what will be; it offers advice about what could be.  It only
offers suggestions about how to make your desires, needs, and ideas real.  It educates about the
possibilities inherent in all areas of concern revealing ideas, concepts, and specific information which will
enable you to proceed in a far more effective manner than would otherwise be possible.

Those who are afraid of change, who avoid psychological and spiritual growth because it can be painful,
who seek the comfortable rut of security, and who play stereotypical, politically correct, socially approved
roles will find a reading a bit disturbing.  You are first and foremost an individual and therefore unique.  You
are responsible for your destiny.  Astrology teaches these principles and that to live is to risk.  The search
for our true selves, finding and following the road to psychological and spiritual growth, can be dangerous
and frightening because it demands serious scrutiny, unfailing self-analysis, and honesty.  However, it can
be equally exciting.  There are many roads to enlightenment and all demand being conscious and engaged
in the life process.  Astrology is one of many ways to achieve this.

There are a number of things that cannot be seen in the chart.  For example: If you were to have"good"
influences and choose to indulge in addictive, self-destructive behavior patterns and then lie to  the Grand
Jury about it, you will not have a good time.  If you are having "good" influences and step in front of a
moving truck, you will not have a good time.  Staying conscious of moving vehicles is a choice.  These
things cannot be seen in the chart because it is possible to choose to behave in ways that can undermine
your potential.  Free will is a very powerful thing.  The point is to use some common sense when
interpreting your reading.  If you put yourself in a situation where there is no hope of improvement, where
others call the shots personally and/or professionally, then the planets are not going to make things change
or get better.  You must act.  You must remove yourself from oppressive situations so that you can
exercise free will.

For some, astrology gives invaluable and profound insight into why things happen the way they do,
providing a philosophy or a way to think about each situation and circumstance encountered.  For others, it
provides validation and positive reinforcement of their convictions and ideas.  Sometimes the information
and perspectives given are not what the individual wants or expects to hear.  However, it is never fatalistic
or unrealistic.  It is only a certain type of information; the purpose being to make you think and encourage
direct participation in dealing with life's opportunities and dilemmas; the goal being psychological insight
and spiritual growth.

Astrology sees you separate and distinct from all cultural and societal expectations.  It sees you as a
unique and special "Child of God", full of potential and afraid of nothing.

You are the center of your universe.  Your personality, consciousness, and soul unfolds, grows and
changes just as the universe does.  It is a direct response to the events and circumstances encountered in
the material world.  Your personality constantly expands and evolves because it is a reflection of the
universal process.  Change is necessary and unavoidable.  To evade this, to live a routine, secure, safe,
and therefore unchallenged existence, is to try to avoid what life is.  You live in the world and are an
essential part of it.  For the universe to evolve, and indeed, for y
ou to evolve, participation in all that life
can be is essential.  It is an everyday, lifelong search and discovery of what your personal driving and
guiding principles are, and need to be.  It requires a willingness to take positive and direct action, and
participation in the process of changing your life.  In the matters discussed, you have an abundance of free
will and are constantly encouraged to exercise it.  It is an important responsibility.

The birth chart is best thought of as a map of the territory ahead, not the territory itself.  You must choose
how to traverse the terrain ahead.  In any long journey there will be detours and delays, excitement and
wonder, boredom and fatigue, happiness and fulfillment; living life must be a passionate endeavor.  It must
be pursued with direct and decisive action.

No guts, no glory.

Darrell Steen, P.M.A.F.A.

Copyright, January 15th, 1994, September 4th, 1998, & March 1st, 2009

This is a photo of Supernova Remnant N132D in the Large Magellanic Clouds, showing Bok Globules that are within our own Milky Way
Galaxy.  This cosmic dust is a concentration of the same elements that are responsible for the formation of stars and galaxies that are
found throughout the universe.  These opaque knots of gas and dust are called "Bok globules".  They are absorbing light in the
center of the nearby emission nebula and star-forming region NGC 281.  The globules are named after astronomer Bart Bok, who
proposed their existence in the 1940's.  These globules are gravitationally bound and if they can capture sufficient materials, can form
stars, although some will dissipate before this occurs.  These globules are silhouetted against the luminous pink hydrogen gas
emitted by the nebula.  Although they appear beautifully serene, they are harshly and violently being stripped apart from the outside
by the environment being created by the nearby massive stars and their immense stellar winds.  It is located nearly 9500 light-years
away in the direction of the constellation Cassiopeia.
                                                       One light-year = traveling @ 186,000 miles per second,
                                                            x 60 seconds per minute, x 60 minutes per hour,
                                                               x 24 hours in one day, x 365 days per year!
                                                  Multiplied By 9500 To Reach Supernova Remnant N132D!