"Charity Events"
I am available for any charitable events that you may have coming up.  

My services for these events are completely "gratis", with all
charitable donations or contributions going directly to your charity.

I usually provide readings in the form of individual "Mini-Readings", or
in the form of "Group Mini-Readings", or I can provide a class on
many varying and interesting topics, or I can conduct many different
"fun" types of presentations.  You can set the dollar amount of
contribution for each contributor, for whatever service I provide for
your event.

      Since each "Event" is unique, please call me
        for suggestions and ideas for your event.

1.)  St. Jude's Children's Hospital:  I have worked several "Live     
Radio Remotes" for their fund raising telethons, in Wichita, KS.

On several occasions, I have participated as a "Reader" in
Charity Fair for The St. Jude's Children's Hospital"
, in Kansas   
City, MO.

March of Dimes:  I have participated as a "Reader" for charity
events benefiting
"The American Cancer Society".   This event
was held in the amazing "Salt Caves" of Kansas City, MO.

Ronald McDonald's House:  I participate in the "Girl's Night
Out: Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun"
charity event to support
"The Ronald McDonald's House of Chapel Hill, NC".

On multiple occasions, I have participated in charity events to
help support
"The Ronald McDonald's House of Wichita, KS".

I would be happy to help support whatever charitable event that you
might have coming up.  Please e-mail or call me about your event.

Darrell Steen, P.M.A.F.A.

Two galaxies perform an intricate dance in this Hubble Space Telescope image.  The
galaxies, containing a vast number of stars, swing past each other in a graceful
performance choreographed by gravity.  The pair, known collectively as Arp 87, is one of
hundreds of interacting and merging galaxies known in our nearby universe.  Arp 87 was
originally cataloged by astronomer Halton Arp in the mid 1960's.  The larger of the two
galaxies, NGC 3808, on the right, and its smaller companion NGC 3308A, on the left, are the
dancers that compile Arp 87.  NGC 3808 is a nearly face-on spiral galaxy with a bright ring
of star formation and several prominent dust arms.  Stars, gas, and dust flow from NGC
3808, forming an enveloping arm around its companion.  NGC 3808 is a spiral galaxy seen
edge-on and is surrounded by a rotating ring that contains stars and interstellar gas
clouds.  The ring is situated perpendicular to the plane of the host galaxy disk and is called
a "polar ring".  The corkscrew shape of the tidal material or bridge of shared matter
between the two galaxies suggests that some stars and gas drawn from the larger galaxy
have been caught in the gravitational pull of the smaller one.  The shapes of both galaxies
have been distorted by their gravitational interaction with one another.  Arp 87 is in the
constellation Leo, the Lion, approximately 300 million light-years away from Earth.

Can you imagine what the new James Webb Space Telescope, the next orbiting
observatory and successor to the Hubble, that will be put into orbit at the Lagrange Point
between the moon and the sun, approximately 1,000,000 miles from the earth, will reveal?  
It is set to be launched sometime between 2018 and 2020, later this decade.  Very exciting!

One light-year = traveling @ 186,000 miles per second,
     x 60 seconds per minute, x 60 minutes per hour,
         x 24 hours in one day, x 365 days per year!
          Multiplied By 300 Million To Reach Arp 87!