Aspects: Natal and Transiting
Why are they?  What are they?  Why are there so many?

Many books give an interpretation of all of the major aspects, for example, Venus Square Saturn, as if it were
'by itself'. While there is a useful interpretation for this aspect by itself, it will manifest differently depending upon
the signs and houses involved. It will always be interpreted a specific way - affecting relationships in a serious and
sometimes problematic way, but there is a great difference if it is a 'fixed' or 'cardinal' square. And then the house
placements of each planet creates another layer of detail.  How does one wade through all of that?

Aspects adds layers of complication that are sometimes unmanageable, but actually, from the right
perspective, makes the zodiac, the signs and their arrangement, more complete.

The aspects are actually created by the signs themselves so learning why aspects exist and how they
manifest is to learn about the zodiac itself as a whole.  The aspects describe the relationships that
each sign has with the others.

Class 1: Natal Aspects – Saturday, May 20th 2017
11 00 am
Squares, Trines, Semi-Squares, Bi-Quintiles, Orbs, Approaching or Separating, Major or Minor, and then, factoring
in the sign and houses involved, complications abound.

Class 2: Transiting Aspects
Saturday, May 20th 2017
1:30 pm

Interpreting the timing of transiting aspects.  
Transiting aspects have a similar but different set of rules than they do in natal chart interpretation.
The timing of transiting aspects manifestation will be discussed and also, how the signs and houses
play into transiting aspects.


These classes are both workshops in that these issues will be
examined in each of the participants.

The cost of each class is $20 per person
(at the time of the classes)

Feel free to email or call to find out more information.

If you plan to participate, you must first send me your birth information, that is, the date, time, and
place of your birth.*

The exact address and direction will be given when
you sign up for the class.
A light lunch will be provided by our host.

*An unknown or uncertain birth time can be worked around but please try to find out for sure.  

There will be a limit of 12

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