The Water Signs Houses and Planets

Emotions, feelings, psychological, and spiritual issues.

Pluto always seems problematic.  But that is not its function at all.
Neptune is confusing.  But it is an education
Moon seems overly emotional and interferes with logic and reasoning in a detrimental way.

They all have something important in common and seeing them that way will illuminate their deeper
meanings which will help in dealing with emotional, psychological, and spiritual realities.

Water is about our deepest emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs and yearning.
The water signs are actually the most ‘advanced’ of all the signs.

Class one:
11 am
The water elements in the natal chart

Class two:
1 30 pm
The transits of the water planets in the natal chart.


These classes are both workshops in that these issues will be
examined in each of the participants Natal Charts who want to.

The cost of each class is $20 per person
(at the time of the classes)

Feel free to email or call to find out more information.

If you plan to participate, and want your chart examined in class, you must first send me your birth
information, that is, the date, time, and
place of your birth.*

The exact address and direction will be given when
you sign up for the class.
A light lunch will be provided by our host.

*An unknown or uncertain birth time can be worked around but please try to find out for sure.  

There will be a limit of 12

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