Lectures & Classes"
I have a multitude of varying lectures and educational classes to
choose from.  I can also create a number of fun and interesting
presentations, depending upon the interests of your group, from a
serious perspective to something more lighthearted.

These classes and lectures can be done in either the personal
setting or in any professional business arena.

I use astrological examples from those attending, as well as
well-known or famous people, in all of my lectures, classes,
seminars & workshops, because I feel that real-world application is
the key to better understanding.

 "Astrology: How and Why It Works"
This class can be tailored to your group interest.  This is
an introduction to the ideas and concepts at the heart of
astrology.  Newspaper horoscopes, sun signs, twins,
meteorology, and astronomy are all discussed.  This
class or presentation will reveal that astrology is a basic
fact of life and how it can be used to further your  
psychological and spiritual growth.  This can be geared
towards groups that are more serious about astrology
or to those that just want something fun and interesting.
Number of Classes: 1                            Length: 1 - 1.5 Hrs.

"Basic Natal Astrology"
This is a four-to-eight week class about the "Planets",
"Signs", and "Houses".  This class explains the core
ideas contained in each of these basic Natal Chart
Number of Classes: 4-to-8                Length: 1.5 Hrs. Each

"Advanced Natal Astrology"
This is also a four-to-eight week class.  These classes
teach how to integrate the "Planets", "Signs", and
"Houses" into a readable whole.  Aspects and
Astronomy are covered.
Number of Classes: 4-to-8                Length: 1.5 Hrs. Each

"Transits and Progressions"
This class is also four-to-eight-weeks and covers
predictive astrology.  The techniques of "Transits",
"Progressions", and "Returns" will be explained and
demonstrated using examples of those in the class.
Number of Classes: 4-to-8                Length: 1.5 Hrs. Each

"Basic Astrocartography"
This class is four-to-eight weeks and will demonstrate
how these maps work and gives an overview on how to
interpret them.
Number of Classes: 4-to-8                Length: 1.5 Hrs. Each

"Advanced Astrocartography"
This class is also four-to-eight weeks and will
demonstrate how to integrate the birth chart with the
"Astrocartography Maps", giving the ability to clearly
see the right place at the right time.
Number of Classes: 4-to-8                Length: 1.5 Hrs. Each

"Astrology and Christianity"
Traditionally people think of these two as antagonistic,
however, that is not true at all.  In this class, astrology
is put into a historical perspective and scriptural context.
Number of Classes: 1                                Length: 1.5 Hrs.

This is a photo of the Second Segment, (the second of three segments),
which is a very small portion of The Veil Nebula.  Its the
remains of a supernova that exploded thousands of year ago.  The
entire structure spans about three degrees on the sky, corresponding to
about six full moons.  The image was taken with the Hubble's Wide Field
Planetary Camera 2 in November, 1994, and August, 1997.