My Perspective On
Your Sun Sign
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and
 About the Personality Profile

    Just as the Sun is the center of the solar system, these personality qualities - the Sun Sign
    qualities - are the "centerpiece" of your personality.

    Because of the date you were born you are influenced directly by your Sun Sign.  However,
    astrologically, you are much more than just your Sun Sign.  Actually, you were born under all
    of the signs, therefore all twelve are present and influence you in various ways.  Your Sun
    Sign is only one part of your complex personality and only one of the many "pieces"
    comprising your total personality.

    It is possible to be your Sun Sign, and be influenced more by another Sign.  That would be
    the case if you have many other planets that are in another Sign, other than your Sun Sign.  
    These factors are revealed by having a natal chart drawn up.

    There are nine other planetary factors to consider and that are emphasized along with, and in
    addition to, your Sun Sign.  As an example:  Attitudes about relationships can be seen in the
    placement of, or the sign of Venus; Career expectations can be seen in the Saturn Sign; and
    the quality of your intellect in the Mercury Sign.  Each of these other "pieces" of your
    personality (the other planets) can emphasize other, possibly radically different qualities of
    your personality above and beyond the Sun Sign characteristics.

    The purpose of my "Personality Profile" is to describe these potentials in ways that you never
    thought of and so, stir thought-provoking ideas in you.

    My "Personality Profile" elaborately discusses ALL of your different personality factors, from
    the most basic and personal, to the most psychological and spiritual.

                                         Sun In Taurus:
    Most other astrological texts describe Taurus as being "overly materialistic, stubborn, and
    somewhat unimaginative", however, consider this:

    "Working to attain and maintain stability and consistency is the "prime directive" in all that
    you do.  You thrive on things that are practical, fixed, down-to-Earth, and above all, reliable."

    "Being a peace-loving, gentle soul, you feel secure with creating and maintaining safe,
    comfortable and stable situations, both personally and professionally; caring for yourself
    and your things, building a secure and comfortable world "on your own ground" is
    paramount for a healthy sense of personal accomplishment.  Creating a stable world,
    ensures a tomorrow to enjoy."

    "Persistence and tenacity are essential to survival and prosperity.  Some people call this
    stubbornness; however, you are just striving to keep your mind and attitude focused on the
    here and now, taking care of life in a logical and sensible manner.  You are capable of
    thinking very positively and idealistically, but are always mindful of what is practical and
    realistically sensible.  Some may think that you are somewhat pessimistic or negative
    because you are able to point to the physical logistics and practical applications when
    discussing worldly projects and ideas.  Being able to see reality is a talent."

    "Many guiding principles about how to live life - philosophically, ethically, morally, and
    religiously - revolve around the concept that the material world was put here to enjoy.  Many
    useful ideas about the meaning of life are learned in complete sensory indulgence.  It is a
    spiritual idea."
The Following Are Excerpts From My Personality Profiles:
                                     Sun In Aries:
    Most other astrological texts describe Aries as being "self-centered, impulsive, head-strong,
    and selfish", however consider this:

    "You automatically do your own thing, take care of your own business, and are offended if
    others think this is wrong or selfish.  What could be more caring and considerate than
    pulling your own weight, accomplishing your own tasks, and being able to take positive,
    direct action, and allowing others the same opportunities?  You stay out of the way of others
    and appreciate the same consideration.  Self sufficiency is your totem.  You understand that
    you must be strong before you can be of support for those in need.  Compromising your self-
    reliance would be hypocritical and disingenuous."

    "You do not expect others to do any job that you are not willing or capable of doing
    yourself.  If you want a job done right, you know that you must do it yourself.  If others do
    not approve of the way you handle your life, that is their problem, and it is not your place to
    educate them.  If other people don't like you or do not approve of you, they can simply just
    go away; however, you are rarely unfriendly or uninterested in what others are up to.  You
    enjoy the company of other self-starting individualists."

    "You are very capable of being the most sensitive, caring, intuitive and compassionate
    person on the face of the Earth, but you will not compromise your independence."

    "Routines bore you.  Insecure people irritate you.  There are very few who could keep up
    with you.  You are anxious to get things started, to push on to the next project and eager to
    be on the move, and more often than not, feel held back by others."
 Sun In Gemini:
    Most other astrological texts describe Gemini as being "scattered and superficial, or with
    too many irons in the fire", however, consider this:

    "You feel a strong desire to be involved with as many mentally stimulating projects as
    possible.  This means filling your time with an extremely wide array of interesting mental
    activities and challenges.  You enjoy becoming familiar with many differing and perhaps
    contradictory concepts and ideas in an eager search for new ways to increase your
    knowledge base.  It is a big world full of an overwhelming amount of interesting things to
    become familiar with."

    "The problem with all of this is that there are only twenty-four hours in the day.  Many
    projects therefore tend to fall by the wayside, not out of lack of follow through, but
    because, in order for a well-rounded, comprehensive life experience, one must investigate
    as much as possible.  The path to true, well-rounded knowledge leads down some strange
    and convoluted paths of intellectual curiosity and inquiry, but, that is what makes life so
    wonderful and fun; and you are proud of your mental abilities."

    "Everything that 'happens' into your field of experience, that is, everything you see, has
    something interesting about it.  You take pride in your ability to find value in ideas and
    relatedness in ideologies that, to others, may be extremely dissimilar, alien, or even
    offensive.  You do not subscribe to the idea that to hold one set of values excludes or
    makes a differing set invalid or wrong.

    "Others may see this constant activity as nervousness or restlessness, and perhaps from
    their point of view it is.  It can also be seen as a lively, vivacious, and eager attitude that is
    child-like (not childish) and spontaneous."
Sun In Cancer:
    Most other astrological texts describe Cancer as, "moody, and overly emotional, as well as
    having a 'mother complex'; however, consider this:

    "Privacy is of prime importance; home and domestic security come first.  This means that
    you need to create and maintain a situation for yourself that provides sanctuary, security,
    and escape from the outside world.  A home, a retreat, and a private place must be
    established before you can do anything in the outside world, be it career, social life, travel,
    or even wage war.  Success in life begins with a secure private life, physically and
    psychologically.  Creating your own profession and your own life direction can be an
    important part of acquiring a worthwhile and secure private life."

    "Emotions and feelings are real, substantive things that incessantly demand your
    attention.  Why it is that emotions are so motivating and important is not something that
    needs analysis or explanation, it is just the way life is experienced.  Emotions give life color
    and depth, providing a personal connection to, and an intimate involvement with life at an
    everyday level.  The emotional experiences of the past are all remembered quite well and
    are strongly influential."

    "You are protective of loved ones, smothering them when times are good, and if necessary,
    fighting violently for them if they are threatened.  Your clan and family are your anchors,
    whether they are related to you by blood or by choice."

    "It is your personal interpretation and the effect that each experience has on you that gives
    each experience depth and meaning.  Your actions and desires, goals and achievements,
    are directly inspired and initiated by your feelings.  Your emotional nature does not control
    you, it is you!  Everything that happens is evaluated and judged by how you feel.  This may
    not be logical or rational in a purely intellectual fashion, but that is not relevant.  Feelings
    and emotions are far more important than pure, cold logic, because life means something
    only if examined within a personal context."
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The Pinwheel Galaxy, lies in the northern circumpolar constellation, Ursa Major (The Great Bear), at a distance
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One light-year = traveling @ 186,000 miles per second,
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