My Perspective On
    Your Sun Sign  
    Sagittarius, Capricorn,
    Aquarius, and Pisces
                                                                           Sun in Sagittarius:
    Most other astrological texts describe Sagittarius as being "non-committal, scattered, and
    self-absorbed"; however, consider this:

    "Life is a journey - a serendipitous adventure - that in order to fully appreciate it, one must
    be free to explore differing cultures, places, and ideologies.  In many ways, the learning
    along the way is more important than the actual achievement.  Life is an exercise in
    improvisation.  You need to be able to explore and move unencumbered by others
    expectations and feelings.  You believe in free will and are determined to make sure that it
    is not compromised.  You believe that each individual must find their own way in life."

    "It is difficult to sit and passively learn anything.  It is a big world full of interesting people,
    places, and things waiting to be experienced.  You are liable to develop cabin fever more
    quickly than most; being outdoors, immersed in the wide open spaces is exhilarating.  You
    are extremely capable of discovering exciting things to do and new areas to explore in your
    own neighborhood if you find yourself unable to travel as much as you would like.  
    Whether these quests take you to the far corners of the world, to the far corners of your
    mind, or just out into the neighborhood, it is the experience of doing, thinking, and gaining
    self-understanding that is always most important."

    "Because of your spontaneity you are direct and honest, often times to a fault.  Some
    interpret this as a lack of tact, but usually only to those who are overly sensitive or
    emotionally expectant.  You are never deliberately hurtful.  If you encounter people or
    situations that are dishonest or uncomfortable, you will just move away from the object of
    discomfort and not become involved with them again."
This photo is the largest and most detailed photo of a spiral galaxy that has ever been released from Hubble.  This
final composite picture of Galaxy M101 measures a whopping 16,000 x 12,000 pixels.  This giant spiral disk of stars,
dust, and gas is 170,000 light-years across or nearly twice the diameter of our galaxy, The Milky Way.  M101 is
estimated to contain at least one trillion stars.  Approximately 100 billion of these stars could be like our Sun in terms
of temperature and lifetime.  The galaxy's spiral arms are sprinkled with large regions of star-forming nebulae.  These
nebulae are areas of intense star-formation within giant molecular hydrogen clouds.  Brilliant young clusters of hot,
blue newborn stars trace out the spiral arms.  The disk of galaxy M101 is so thin that Hubble clearly sees many more
distant galaxies lying behind the galaxy.  M101, also nicknamed The Pinwheel Galaxy, lies in the northern circumpolar
constellation, Ursa Major (The Great Bear), at a distance of 25 million light-years from Earth.  Therefore, we are seeing
the galaxy as it looked 25 million years ago - when the light we're receiving from it now was emitted by its stars - at
the beginning of Earth's Miocene Period, when mammals flourished and the Mastodon first appeared on Earth.  The
galaxy fills a region in the sky equal to one-fifth the area of the full moon.
One light-year = traveling @ 186,000 miles per second,
                           x 60 seconds per minute, x 60 minutes per hour,
                               x 24 hours in one day, x 365 days per year!
                        Multiplied By 25 Million To Reach Spiral Galaxy M101!
                                                                         Sun In Capricorn:
    Most other astrological texts describe Capricorn as being "cold and hard, and that social-
    climbing and status are of the utmost importance"; however, consider this:

    "You pride yourself on your ability to interpret all things from a practical and logical
    perspective.  Achieving anything worthwhile demands constant attention to the fact that
    reality exists separate from, and indifferent to, your hopes, dreams, and expectations.  It
    operates in accordance with physical laws and immutable rules that cannot be circumvented
    or changed.  Therefore, it is logical to become as mindful and as aware of them as possible."

    "You are willing to work hard, knowing that accomplishments prove integrity.  You are a
    competent and efficient individual and understand that respect must be earned.  It is your
    duty to make something of yourself, so you set high goals, adhere to strict standards, and if
    necessary, defer personal happiness for the time being, in order to achieve the desired
    goals.  Being the best at your chosen field of work takes time, and taking the time to pay
    attention leads to being the best.  Not number one, but the most skilled and knowledgeable."

    "BE PREPARED!  That is your credo.  In that spirit, you are never afraid to make yourself fully
    aware of all of the difficulties inherent in every situation.  All situations have their down-side
    and it is in understanding precisely where they can occur enables you to figure out how to
    deal with and overcome them.  It is analogous to knowing where the umbrella or the first-aid
    kit is, not because you expect bad weather or injury, but because you know that these things
    are always possible.  You also enjoy hearing about how positive and wonderful things can be,
    however, only after you understand how the pitfalls, hardships, and problems can occur.  
    This is not pessimistic or fatalistic, it is logical and practical."

    "You need proof, tangible and documented evidence before you believe or buy into any
    ideology or philosophy.  Taking care of the business of life and worldly endeavors gives
    positive spiritual nourishment."
                                                                            Sun In Aquarius:
    Most other astrological texts describe Aquarius as being "interested in group activities and
    somewhat rebellious"; however consider this:

    "You understand and respect the fact that each of us are all first and foremost, unique
    individuals.  Ever mindful that each person is a one-of-a-kind human being; stereotyping or
    role-playing games of any type are avoided.  However, Aquarius is a fixed sign, which means
    that it imparts the need for stability and order.  It is important to understand that the need
    for uniqueness and individuality are ideas only.  You must feel stable and secure within
    yourself, before you will be able to act on these eccentricities that you think about."

    "Friendships and the mental interaction that it produces are of utmost importance.  Your
    delineation of friendship is much more involved and complicated than the standard
    definition: they are your personal community; involvements that provide opportunities to
    learn and share, to stimulate ideas, develop independence, and help everyone concerned to
    grow more unique and more stable.  You seek out and feel comfortable with those who
    understand that we are all in the same big boat together."

    "Your life, philosophies, and expectations revolve around the urge to objectively relate with
    others.  A clear, more interesting perspective about yourself and life is achieved by dynamic
    interactions with others.  Always friendly, you look for and respond well to others
    eccentricities, preferring to associate with those who are unconventional, free thinkers.  The
    attraction to these "different" types of people, is the education; exposure to that which is
    unusual, is necessary for a well-rounded attitude about the value of being human.  There is
    no interest in casual or superficial involvements.  In all cases, commitments, involvements,
    and relationships are meaningful and desirable.  It is the compromise, possessiveness, and
    expectations that are not."

                                                                                    Sun In Pisces:
    Most other astrological texts describe Pisces as "lacking a practical direction, and living in
    an unrealistic fantasy world"; however, consider this:

    "To some people, life seems to be a random set of events and experiences that have no
    order or design.  But you know, just as surely you exist, that it ALL has profound
    significance.  Every little detail has some meaning.  You know that there is an immeasurably
    large and interesting universe out there, an infinitely complicated world within, and an
    intricate interplay between them."

    "You are an idea person.  Your imagination is constantly "on".  You see possibilities within
    possibilities.  There is always potential in situations that others automatically dismiss as
    hopeless.  You root for the underdog and enjoy nothing better than seeing the
    downtrodden and disadvantaged rise above great obstacles and succeed."

    "There are always innumerable things internally or externally to explore and experience.  
    There is truly no meaning outside of your imagination and is thee thing that makes humans
    valuable.  "Imagination is more important than knowledge!", said the  Piscean, Albert

    "You are hyper-compassionate.  Solitude from time to time will be an absolute must.  It is a
    spiritual activity.  Being alone distracts from life's trials and tribulations, providing a healthy
    escape.  You believe that life has each individual's best interests at heart.  You believe in a
    loving, caring, gentle, and involved Creator.  Your strong spiritual feelings includes a "live
    and let live" attitude at its center and a faith that everything happens for a positive reason.  
    You do not pretend to have any answers (spiritually) and can be annoyed at those that
    think they do."

    "You may be drawn to activities aimed at helping those in need, but you must be able to
    make a positive difference.  People that will not be helped and situations that perpetuate
    suffering cannot be tolerated and must be avoided."