Astrology has a very bad reputation.  However, every culture that has ever left a
record of its existence has had some kind of astrology.  Not because they were
stupid, ignorant, or unscientific, but because they looked up in the sky and
observed.  Only in recent years, has western culture tried to demonize it.  Based
on unscientific and unsupportable supposition, many in the scientific community
have bashed the idea without examining it at all.  Simply dismissing it because it
didn't fit their world-view.

What modern science does not understand, and refuses to research using their
own scientific methods, is labeled as superstitious and silly.  Thomas Halley, of
"Halley's Comet" fame, was trying to give Sir Isaac Newton a hard time for his
belief in Astrology, and Sir Isaac said to him:  "Sir, I have studied the subject; you
have not.".  Anyone who has studied it with an eye to disprove it, has come away,
a staunch believer.  This is because it is not a matter of belief, it is a matter of
being educated.  There are volumes of literature about this.

What happens at the Full Moon?  Ask a police officer, or those who work in
hospital emergency rooms.  Not that Full Moons are bad or problematic, they just
coincide with a greater degree of emotionally-motivated activity, than is usual.  The
moon's presence, orbiting around the earth, has a great physical effect on all of
the earth.  Its orbit causes the tides of all of earth's oceans to ebb and flow.  It also
has an impact on the fluid in our brains.  Those who already have an imbalance,
are most severely affected.  This is why early science has labeled those most
affected, as "lunatics".  Its base root word is "lunar".

Knowing that the moon has such a phenomenal effect on us, is a base scientific
principle, that has lead to a deeper study on the effects, in varying degrees and
aspects, that the other heavenly bodies
also have, upon our very natures.  As a
matter of fact, EVERY heavenly body has an effect upon our planet and EVERY
living and material thing on it.  Also, for better understanding, take notice of the
seismological events that coincide with the varying stages and phases that our
moon goes through.

We are all interconnected, not just with one another, but with every physical part
of our solar system.  We are all part of the same system.  You can then extend this
out, knowing that we are all connected with
everything in the universe.  This
knowledge gives me reverential pause, and comfort in knowing my place, within it.

Even the 'Signs of the Zodiac' are connected and are aligned with the galactic
center.  The 'Signs of the Zodiac' - NOT THE CONSTELLATIONS!  If you were to
pay attention to the Sun, Moon, and the planets placement and motion, and how it
affects your life, you would see that it does work, you would see, at the very least,
something is going on.  Everyone is familiar with "The Seven-Year Itch",
because they have
lived it.  These things are Astrology.  Everything that is
chronological and cyclical, are astrological.

There are volumes of works by non-astrologers, that show conclusively, through
the use of scientific methods, a direct relationship between the planets motions
and occurrences on earth - physically, socially, and personally.*  How can anyone
have a scientifically objective opinion when they do not know anything about the
subject?  Those who do not believe,
have just simply, never looked into it.

There are many other issues that I could address, and do so in my classes and
lectures:  "The Case That Twins Support The Validity of Astrology", "The Placebo
Effect", "Plutoids", "The Supposed Current 'Age of Aquarius' ", Suggestibility, and
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy", to name just a few.  I even teach classes about "Astrology
and Christianity", straight out of 'The Bible', and have done so in many churches
back home in Wichita, Kansas.

Another reason Astrology has a bad reputation, is because of the simple and
cheap newspaper columns, and because of those who water it down with a
mish-mash of other 'New Age' ideas.  For these, and other misconceptions,
understanding that there is a real science at its core and that there
is a practical
application, is difficult.

When I was sixteen years old, I reluctantly had my chart read.  Reluctantly,
because I did not believe in such superstitious nonsense.  I approached it as a
skeptic would.  I was very, very surprised at what it revealed.  From that moment
on, I knew what I wanted to do.  After all, if there really is something to this, the
implications for the scientific and religious worlds are profound.  That is what I
found to be most interesting.  I made the choice thirty-eight years ago to forgo a
traditional education and socially accepted career path, to immerse myself in the
scientific and practical application of astrological principles.

Doing Astrology part-time was unacceptable.  My thinking was:  "Who would want
advice from, or go to a part-time doctor, surgeon, or therapist?".  And make no
mistake, there is so much to the study and practice of real Astrology that it
require a full-time commitment to truly develop proper interpretation techniques.  It
is intellectually and temporally demanding.  This is why there are not many full-time
astrologers.  My approach to any new field of interest is always that of the
skeptic.  Since I have exacting and direct validation through my experience with
the science of Astrology, I'm no longer skeptical in this area.  I thoroughly enjoy
my hands-on, real-world, outcome-based application of this science.  Planet A, in
Sign B, equals Effect C.  For more about this, please read "
Astrology and Its Range
of Influence".

The readings I do are thorough and complete.  My goal is to make sure that my
clients clearly understand as much as possible.  My interpretations and counsel
come from over thirty-six years of full-time experience.  The classes I teach are
aimed towards demonstrating Astrology's influence and usefulness.  The texts that
I write are specific, direct, and easy- to-understand.  Many hours of work goes into
each reading.  Many of the people who have had a reading done, think that I should
charge more for them.  They are right.  Some actually
do pay more.  They find the
information and counsel helpful in the extreme.  At this point in time, I am satisfied
with the way things are because this way, I get to do a lot more readings, which
increases my availability to
most everyone, and allows me even more useful
experience, education, and knowledge.

The more information I am able to derive from my client's experience-examples,
allows me a broader understanding of the effects that transits and influences have
on people in the real-world, raising the effectiveness of my readings.  Someday,
probably sooner than later, I
will raise my prices.  I understand and respect any
apprehension that you may have in an investment such as this.  Many know of the
socially acceptable institutes for testing the proficiency and for the accreditation of
doctor's and lawyer's.

However, without a larger mainstream awareness of the institutes that test for the
proficiency and accreditation in the field of Astrology, it is hard to tell who is real
and who is not.  There are Astrological Organizations which offer 'Professional
Proficiency Testing and Accreditation'.  I have been tested by the "American
Federation of Astrologers".  This is one of the most respected Astrological
Organizations in the world.  This is an organization that was formed back in 1932
and since then, has played a major role in educating the general public and
promoting Astrology's societal acceptance.

In 1982, I was one of the youngest people ever, to pass their eight-hour test and
given my accreditation.  This testing required all chart calculations to be done by
hand, not by calculator or computer.  I have over thirty-six years of experience as
a full-time professional astrologer and have garnered a faithful, world-wide
clientele. The information that I have provided to my clients, over the years, has
proven an invaluable tool to them.  This is why I offer a 100% satisfaction money
back guarantee on my full readings.  Over the past thirty-six plus years, out of the
thousands-and-thousands of readings that I have done, I have never had a client
who asked for their money back.

It is important to thoroughly think through the idea of getting an Astrological
Reading.  I strongly believe in second opinions and encourage my clients to check
out what other astrologers offer. Get a feel of what is right for you.  Trust your
intuition, and when the time is right, contact me.

Thank You and Best Regards,                                  Darrell Steen,
P.M.A.F.A.                                                    Copyright, June 8th, 2010

*Michel Gauquelin has published volumes of research that is an exhaustive analysis and concludes that
it is real.  He was not an astrologer.  He began, what became years and years of research, with the intent
of disproving it, using the scientific method.  He proved that it is real.  His findings are published in many
books, and in many other resources.

*Guy Playfair and Scott Hill, in the book, "Cycles of Heaven", shows a direct relationship between the
planets and just about everything on earth.

*John Anthony West , in the book "The Case For Astrology", documents scientifically, in many ways, the
fact that planets do have some kind of influence on the earth and its inhabitants.  It also provides an
interesting, historical perspective.

There is a multitude of good resources on this subject.  I encourage you to check
them out for yourself and to have fun expanding your horizons.

This picture is a close-up of one of the giant Pillars that is jetting dust and gas out of the
Carina Nebula, taken by the Hubble Deep Field Camera.  These jets are being pulled from
the nebula as the result of the monstrous forces from, and being worn away by the radiation
of nearby stars.  The Carina Nebula is 7500 light-years away from Earth.  To read more about
this nebula, please check out the larger image and description of the nebula I have posted
on my home page.

         One light-year = traveling @ 186,000 miles per second,
             x 60 seconds per minute, x 60 minutes per hour,
                 x 24 hours in one day, x 365 days per year!
            Multiplied By 7,500 To Reach The Carina Nebula!

To walk 1 light-year, at a moderate pace of 20 minutes a mile, it would take you 225 million
years to complete your journey, (not including stops for meals or the restroom).  If you
started just before dinosaurs
appeared on Earth, you'd probably be finishing your hike just
about now.  Even if you hitched a ride on N.A.S.A.'s Mach 9.68x- 43A Hypersonic Scram Jet,
the fastest aircraft in the world, it would take about 95,000 years to cover the distance.

You'll need a pretty big travel bag too; for walking such a distance requires substantial
supplies.  You'd need 2 trillion Power Bars to fuel your trip.  You'd also produce a heap of
worn-out shoes.  The typical pair of sneakers will last you 500 miles, so you'd burn through
some 11.8 billion pairs of shoes; and all that effort wouldn't get you very far, astronomically
speaking, because the closest star to our Sun, is Proxima Centauri which is 4.22 light-years