The Personality Profile
This profile is written from a psychological perspective, describing your deepest motivating needs, in regard to career,
relationships, spirituality, and all other areas of your life, in an easy to understand format.  
You don't need to have any technical
knowledge of astrology to understand it.

It describes your feelings, not what others see, feel, or think about you, and explains why you want and need the things that you
do.  The text is an original work, written by me, and is a compilation of 100+ pages of my interpretations about your individual


It is unique and individualized specifically to you, based on your birth date, birth time, and birth place.  This comes with a copy of
your birth chart, and my 60 minute CD:  "The Companion CD To The Personality Profile", which explains it in greater depth, the
set-up, as well as my approach and philosophies.

This Personality Profile explains the core feelings about
all issues in your life as distinct and separate from your familial and
societal conditioning.
Many times the reason that things do not work out as we want is that conditioning influences the decision
making process.  We are taught what we are supposed to do and want before we are old enough to know ourselves. Due to this,
everyone experiences difficulties in many areas of life - relationships, family problems, and/or religious conflicts. This Profile will
help you to see where you are acting out of conditioning or from genuine need. It  also describes your strengths as well.

For more on this, please visit and read my web page entitled:
"Astrology and Its Range of Influence".  Also, for more on my
philosophies, please read my essay:  
"Reality Check".

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What You Get

All horoscope factors are arranged into sections explaining and describing issues related to and affecting:
1. The Self - Your genuine personality and character...
2. Others - Partnerships and pair-bonding factors...
3.The Mind - Intellectual interests and communicative abilities...
4. Home and Family - Conditioning and family of origin issues...
5. Material Values - Material security and personal sense of values...
6. Career and Vocation -- Your calling and professional or worldly aspirations...
7. Friends and Social Life -- How you relate to the big wide world...
8. Spirituality - Your needs and feelings about the ultimate meaning of life...
9. Psychological Nature - How psychological growth is experienced...

The intention of this "Profile", as well as with all of astrology, is to make you
think about your life.  It will make you think more
deeply and thoroughly about your primary and driving motivations.  It offers specific suggestions and advice that will enable you
to deal with
all aspects of your life more effectively.

It gives great personal insight into your most private inner self.  It is so personal, that if anyone else were to read your "Profile",
they might not think it an accurate description of you.  This is because it describes how you feel and think; it is not how you
appear to others.

Included With This "Profile" Are Your:
1)  Sun Sign through Pluto Sign Interpretations.
2)  Planet Sign Introductions, which explains the nature of each planets relationship to the area of life in analysis.
3)  An interpretation of the major planetary aspects.
4)  The House Position of all of the Planets.

These are based on the Koch House Division System.
If planets are on cusps, house or sign, both interpretations will be sent.

For Example, Consider These:
Venus is not about anything emotional.  It is about relating, cooperating, and collaborating, which are intellectual
prerequisite for true emotional connections.

Moon in Capricorn is one of the most emotionally aware of all of the Moon Signs.

Leo's, more often than not, are not full of self-confidence and have no real interest in being the center of attention.

Pisces do have a very clear understanding of reality, sometimes greater than most others.

The sign position of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, do have significant personal meaning and are not just
'collective', 'generational', or 'social'.

The Moon Sign has nothing to do with relating to others at any level.  It is your basic emotions that can
contribute to the success
or failure of all relationships.

Aquarians have no overt interest in group or social activities and are not interested in being rebels.

Libras can do just fine without a relationship, and do not feel like half a person without a significant other.

Click here to read:
 My Perspective On Your Sun Sign

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If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail
or call me @: 910-892-8374

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Thank You,
Darrell Steen

Also available:
The Add on In-Depth Personality Profile Reading
Purchasing the Personality Profile is first required.
This reading includes all that is in the Personalty Profile, but adds a full reading of your chart
in the form of an 'in-person' interpretation.  This would be an hour reading in which I would
explain your chart guiding you through the text of the PP.  This will give a greater
interpretation about how all the parts of the chart go together as a complete whole.  

The Personality Profile must be purchased first before this reading can be done.


The Personality Profile and the Add on In-Depth Reading can be purchased at the same time
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