This reading is extremely personal and thorough, utilizing your Transits,
Progressions, Returns, and Astrocartography Maps.  This reading includes a list of
specific dates and time-periods, with easy-to-read and understand time-graphs and
charts of the influences and transits you are having now, and those that you will be
experiencing during the upcoming year and longer.  The 'transits' and the
accompanying text addresses all situations and issues regarding all areas of life for
the past, present, and future.

The text, the written interpretation of the transits, is an original work, written by me.  
In any given year the average individual will experience 15 - 20 influences or transits.  
Some more, some less. In a single life-time not all of the transits will be experienced
because some of them repeat only at 248 year intervals. There are over 500 of them
that I have written about, so far.  There is so much that can be said about each of
these influences that to discuss the 15 or so that you are experiencing right now
would take hours and hours, hence 'The Text'.  The text actually becomes additional
information; the text becomes a 'study book' that will help you understand all that is
possible with each of event or issue in your life. The actual reading will put all of the
influences into proper perspective which will allow you to delve into understanding all
that is within your reach. The 'text' is not a computer generated repo
rt and will never
be the same from year to year and from person to person.

By itself, the text, is a great deal of information and becomes the 'framework' for the
reading.  If any reading is to be inclusive and thorough, this approach, this large
amount of information is necessary and important.

In this reading, your fully colored Astrocartography Maps of the US, both Mundane
and Local Space, and a color-coded map of the world are included and interpreted in
conjunction with the other techniques listed above.  Yes, in this reading a look at the
world is included.

This reading is in-depth and thought-provoking.  It is counsel and advice about your
career and job, relationships and intimacy issues, education, home, family, and your
spiritual and intuitive potentials. This information, this reading, enables you to make
profitable choices about how to proceed, in order to do your best, in all areas of life.  

I think of a reading as an objective and unique look at your life and future
possibilities.  A 'reading' becomes a 'dialogue', or a discussion about your life viewed
from a overarching cosmic perspective.  The stars do not control you, they advise,
point to potential, and reveal a much bigger perspective about life than traditional
social, philosophical, cultural, and religious ideologies can.  Astrology is about
discovering and rethinking your true potential as a human being. It does not see you
as being male, female, black, white, gay, straight or any other label that is
customary.  It reveals what you are beyond those labels.  Astrology sees you as a
spiritual and creative individual.

I spend approximately 2 hours on each chart before the "actual reading" is done.  
This is time spent on analyzing your birth chart and in preparation for your reading
and in compiling your individual text.  

The above materials are sent to you by mail prior to your "actual reading".  It includes
an explanation about how the information is arranged and will give you a 'heads up'
about the major issues that will be discussed.  Having this information ahead of time
allows better utilization of your reading time, so that we can spend your time more
productively on the important issues you are dealing with.

I don't want to know anything about you prior to the reading!
 I want to tell
you about you, to exclude any kind of
     false-reading or preconceptions on my part.

Then, once you've read and looked over the materials, you will call me and we will a
schedule an appointment for the "actual reading".

At the appointed time,
I will call you.  The 'actual reading' is a lengthy hour plus, and
is done over-the-phone or skype.  It is recorded onto CD and then mailed to you once
the reading is done.  This will be the second CD you receive.  

During the year following the reading, you are invited and encouraged to call me with
any follow-up questions that you may have, and to let me know how things are
This is part of the reading.  This method has helped me to hone my
interpretations and accuracy over the past 35 years.

If you are unsure of your birth time, please email or call for special instructions.

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inconvenience.   Everything else at this site works.

  Please call 919 258 0150 - and leave a message.
          I will return the call within 24 hours.

The price for this service is only: ..........................................................................$144.00
No other charges. Period. This one price includes all follow-ups, three or four a year,
which is a continuation of the initial reading, and covers a year and a half into the future.
Follow-ups are  30 to 60 minutes in length.  The initial reading and follow ups means there
can be
4 hours, or more, of recorded 'reading time' during the 18 months the reading

A $135 check or money order sent to:
PO Box 1062 Broadway NC 2705, will work just as well.
Thank You,  
Darrell Steen
This sharp, natural-color view of Mars was snapped by the Hubble Space minutes of the planet's
closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years.  It reveals several prominent Martian features
including Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in our solar system; a system of canyons called Valles
Marineris;  and an immense dark marking called Solis Lacus.  Olympus Mons, (the oval-shaped
Everest.  At the top of this image you can see faint clouds hovering over the dormant volcano Asia
Mons as well as a view of the Martian atmosphere.  Mars is approximately 35 million miles from
Earth.  When Mars is at it's closest, and in alignment to Earth, it would take us 6 months travel time
in our fastest and presently available craft, to arrive at our Martian neighbor.