John Lennon's  'Venus Line' runs through, (within the influence of), Japan, near Tokyo
    Japan, where Yoko Ono was born; and Yoko Ono's 'Venus Line' runs directly through
    Liverpool, England, where John Lennon was born.  Ellen DeGeneres' Venus line is found
    at Horsham Australia where Portia DeRossie was born.  Bill Clinton's 'Venus Line' runs
    through Chicago, IL, where Hillary Rodham was born. Someone born at your 'Venus Line',
    no matter where that may be in the world, can become a significant person in your life,
    personally, romantically, or professionally.  Donald Trump has Mars lines

    While Venus is of major importance in the relationship experience, there are other
    horoscope factors that could be as important.  Your individual horoscope delineates them.

    'Mercury', in your natal chart, is about quality of mind, communication, and education and
    so by going to your 'Mercury Line and Areas', educational opportunities abound.  

    'Pluto', in your natal chart, is the planet that deals with life/death issues and is what I call
    'the Great Cosmic Psychotherapist'.  In other words, it shows the manner that you will
    experience all things that produce a psychotherapeutic effect.  So it also can bring to
    bear intimacy issues so that psychological self-awareness can be found.   John F.
    Kennedy's 'Pluto Line' runs directly through Dallas, TX, where he was shot and killed. I
    lived at my Pluto line in Wichita Kansas for 50 years and from the day I was born there
    were deaths, fragmented and dysfunctional family problems, abandonment issues, and on
    many occasions, over the course of 10 years, faced my own mortality.  Moving to NC (to
    be close to the grandkids) where I have much better Astrocartography lines, Sun and
    Venus, the differences were... well.... If they had not happened to me I would have not
    believed them.

    Harry S. Truman's 'Pluto Line' runs directly through Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan,
    where the atom bombs were dropped.  Harry Truman also has a 'Saturn Line' that crosses
    his 'Pluto Line' at Japan.  'Saturn' represents difficulty, responsibility, and an inordinate
    amount of hard work but also can be a place where your vocation and reputation can be
    formed and recognized.  Put the two together, Pluto and Saturn, can be a very difficult
    place for most people.  It is important to understand that your 'Pluto Line' does not
    necessarily point to the place where you might perish; it simply shows where you could
    experience significant emotional upheavals that forces serious psychological issues and
    soul-searching.  Mortality can also be in regard to an old belief system, or old ways of
    dealing with something, that no longer work or are no longer appropriate.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger has 'Venus & Jupiter Areas' in California in perfect alignment with
    Sacramento.  The two planets together indicate great popularity and success.

      In our country the Mars line in the chart of our leaders show clearly where the potential
    for war and aggression can occur.  Harry Truman's Mars line is exactly at the DMZ in the
    Korean Peninsula, Ronald Reagan's is at Moscow, Barack Obama's is at Syria, George
    Bush's is at Baghdad with a Pluto line through Mecca and NYC. Donald Trump has his
    Mars at Washington DC, the border of Russia at Poland and Lithuania, North Korea, and
    in the South China Sea. He has more Mars lines in the worlds trouble spots than any
    other leader in our history.....

    The examples are endless.  All of the planets, and all of the other cosmological bodies in
    our solar system, have a significant and profound affect on your life!
This is a picture of cool hydrogen clouds in the Carina Nebula, also
known as NGC 3372.  These great clouds of cold hydrogen resemble  
summer afternoon thunderheads.  They tower above the surface of a
molecular cloud on the edge of the nebula.  So-called "elephant trunk"
pillars resist being heated and eaten away by blistering ultraviolet
radiation from the nebula's brightest stars.  The Carina Nebula is 7,500
light-years away from Earth.

One light-year = traveling @ 186,000 miles per second,
x 60 seconds per minute, x 60 minutes per hour,
x 24 hours in one day, x 365 days per year!
Multiplied By 7,500 To Reach The Carina Nebula!

    An Astrocartography Map shows the angular positions of each planetary factor at the time
    of your birth.  That is, it shows where each planetary factor was rising and setting, and at
    the upper and lower meridian.  These 'Lines' create 'Areas of Influence' around the globe.  
    Just as the natal horoscope is a map of the sky at the time you were born, an
    Astrocartography Map is a map of the Earth at the time you were born.

    This technique reveals, with great clarity, the places: cities, states, countries around the
    world, and the neighborhoods within them, wherein specific influencing planetary energies
    are strong.  Some good, some bad, all depending upon your choices, and the actions that
    you take.
                       Click here to see:     What The  Maps Look Like

    An 'Astrocartography Map' is based on your astrological information, the natal chart,
    which is calculated using your birth date, place, and time of day.  These maps are very
    birth time sensitive.  They move very quickly meaning that an hours time can move them a
    complete time zone.  While that sounds too fleeting, it is very useful in determining an
    uncertain birth time.

    Each 'Line of Influence' has the same value as it does in your natal horoscope.  For
    example, 'Venus' in your natal chart, deals with 'relationships'.  The 'Venus Line and Areas'
    on your map shows where significant relationship encounters can occur, or where
    significant others can be from.

    Three rules that are of paramount importance: 1.  Moving will not solve your problems.
    (but it can sure help) and, 2. Trust your intuition about the potential of the areas in
    question and, 3. It is possible, because of free-will to go to a good place and experience
    bad things.  Another way of saying this is that your attitudes and beliefs determine what
    you can and cannot see. (but also, conversely and paradoxically, there are some factors
    that are out of your control -- that's where Astrology and Astrocartography come in)
    These are not 'disclaimers'.  They are just common-sense. (Click here to see the 'Reality
    Check' page for more about this)

                                                           Consider these ideas:
    Are you drawn to areas of the country, or world, that you have never visited?

    Have you been to places that have a reputation for being good places to visit, but for
    you, were unimpressive?

    Have you been moved by places that have no obvious, positive outward appearance?

    Astrocartography explains these occurrences clearly.

    It is possible to benefit from areas without actually going there physically.  Making or
    forming business associates and contacts with those who live at your good 'lines and
    areas of influence', throughout the world, can be advantageous for your business growth
    and success.

    Astro-Carto-Graphy can show you the best places to live, to go on vacation, to conduct
    business, to go to school or university, or to send your children to college.  

    If you are considering major life-changes an astrological consultation can help you out

    And as always call or e-mail if you have any questions at all.

    Thanks,                                                                              Darrell Steen, P.M.A.F.A.