I have a strong personal emotional reaction to ideologies that demonize billions of people religiously, politically, or economically.  I have a strong reaction to willful ignorance.  To choose to ignore facts and reality because it does not fit with how we think or feel at the moment, is just plain wrong. God gave us a brain, a gift, which allows for discernment. It is so that we can see reality and respond accordingly.  However, we all have to be wary of interpreting facts to fit our reality. We all must be vigilant in our own minds and understand that we too, no matter what, are very capable of interpreting reality to fit our preconceptions.  Reality does not care about us, we must care about it.  And the only way to move through the world effectively is to pay attention and learn from it.  Without attention to reality and the facts, cars will cease to run and airplanes fall out of the sky.

    I see so many people who mess up their lives trying to live up to an impossible way of thinking and feeling.  I am not a therapist so I cannot help them, except to encourage self-education, urging them to therapy, and talking about how feelings are not facts.  It hurts to see needless suffering.

    This is all peppered with religious (Christian) ideology on purpose.

    Astrology's Limitations

    The birth chart, of an individual or a country, reveals the potential only.  Most people do live up to a lot of their potential.  To a greater or lesser degree, each of us have some internal psychological problem, or two, that allows or creates conditions where we could choose a behavior that, at a different time in our lives, we would think is crazy. Life has proven to us that some of our best ideas and opinions were wrong. And you will do it again. They are called mistakes.

    An ancient way of saying this is ‘all have fallen short of the glory of the Lord’.  But you learned.  You grew.  You got beyond it and are a better, smarter, more psychologically aware individual.  That is the point of life.  

    The birth chart points to 100% of your genuine, unconditioned, unbiased, psychological, and spiritual potential. Many of the problems in life come from a violation of expectations.  Sometimes our expectation, no matter how spiritual, noble, or right they are, are just plain wrong.  Most of our ideologies about the world changes completely, several times, during the course of life. You would not apply the same ideology to a problem today that you did 20 years ago.  Sometimes we choose to still believe something that we cherish, in spite of the facts, pointing to the outside world or others as to why expectations are violated repeatedly.  We all then are shown reality, called transits or influences, until we get it right.  We have the power to stubbornly never get it right.

    We may not always be responsible for what others do but we are 100 responsible for what we do about it.

    The guy who was told he would have a good time travelling ended up in the hospital - because he was drinking and driving.  He did not have a ‘good time’.The girl, who was not having any ‘bad’ influences at all, called to tell me of her suicidal inclination because her lover decided to go back to his wife.  These are people acting on some kind of thought, feeling, or expectations that is not related to astrology at all.  Those are psychological problems. The same phenomena occurs with the country because it is made up of people, each with their own path and individual lessons to learn about reality.  

    Change is the way of the world. Society grows and changes with scientific advances and an increased population. This is a fact. And responding to an ever changing world demands an engaged and discerning mind.  What worked in the past will, at some time in the future, not work 
    anymore for anyone.  Everything will suffer from this phenomena.  Everything.  It is supposed to be that way so it is actually each of us that suffers when we don’t recognize that fact.  And again, reality does not care about you, you must care about it.  And the reality is that everything changes.

    The social and political ideologies in place, at any time in history, were good in their time and supported whatever social and religious beliefs were relevant at that time.  Human sacrifice in some cultures used to be the norm. Slavery, owning another person, at one time was the norm.  Are they okay now?  And why not?  We are not barbarians any more. I would put forth the idea that in some ways we are acting just like the barbarians we claim to have no connection to. We jail those who have health problems.  We demonize billions of people for the actions of one mentally unstable individual. We have the strongest military the world has ever seen spend half of our treasure on that while the citizens who are being protected, don’t have food or health care.  Our religion says we should take care of them first, but we don’t.  Hypocritical.

    Those that have ‘the answers’, those who are certain, cease to learn. It is those who believe that they cannot be wrong that are the problem.  A questioning curious mind is healthy.  A mind that is full, cannot learn and therefore cannot change, or grow, or develop.  And a human brain can never be 'full'.  That is an objective fact.

    Most of the world’s problems are not political or religious.

    As our youth grow up in connected world they will see the effects of outdated thinking in real time.  Even those that are conditioned to fear and hate their neighbor will not be able to escape the images of good people doing good things in spite of the differences they are supposed to abhor and are taught to react violently against.  They will see enemies embrace each other. They will see the lion lay down with the lamb.

     Psychological Facts

    Most people, by far, are loving, caring, and compassionate.  

    Genuinely good-willed, individuals can be conditioned to believe really terrible things. Teach a toddler that green means stop and red means go then, as an adult, that person will have a struggle in their head and heart all of their lives when approaching a traffic light.  Teaching a child that it is Gods will that to harm others or just to simply judge them as unfit for the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ or Valhalla or Sto-Vo-Core is actually evil.  We are all precious children of God and to teach anything else is to demonize some of Gods precious children. It is evil because it demeans and even kills in the name of a loving God.  

    ‘What you do to the least of them you do to me’, is one way of saying that.

    Isn't it interesting that those, of any religion, who are born into a specific religious tradition, just happens to be born into the ‘right’ one and all others are worthy of Gods eternal damnation. 100% of the time.

    For example: Fundamentalist Christians are taught that Gods love is unconditional.  Except….There is a condition - a quite disturbing and horrifying condition.  You must accept Gods unconditional gift on the condition that you accept the idea that those that don’t ‘believe’ end up 
    separated and in hell tormented forever.  And for what?  This ideology defines a god that acts like a small, spoiled child.  Teach that your god is a petty, vengeful, childish, bullying, and tormenting Deity and that is what your society will contain.  Many great religious traditions suffer from the same narrow view of God. At this point in time the numbers of those that believe and act that way are dwindling.  Thank God!   No, thank a discerning mind.  Thank education.  Thank God for that ability. Thank God for the gift of a brain.

    Many are conditioned to believe that they must toe the line or be ostracized – not just by the community but by God himself.  Those that teach these ‘facts’ were conditioned as children to believe those ‘facts’. It is brainwashing and fits the definition of a cult.  It has gone on since the 
    beginning of our current history. Slavery, manifest destiny, denying civil rights, killing others in the name of God were all justified this way.  In some areas were the militant religious zealots rule, all of those things are still in play.  Religion is not the problem.  Those who are mentally ill are.  I am not saying that those that believe their loving god will send billions to hell for being born into the wrong religion have a mental illness, they are conditioned to believe that way.  In one way, they cannot help it. But to choose to reject facts over conditioning or belief is to be willfully ignorant which can be almost as serious as being mentally ill.  They will teach their children prejudice.  Teaching kids to discriminate and judge the way the church does is child abuse.

    All are free to accept,______ (insert god image or ideology here) or suffer the loving deity’s torture chamber forever.  Why does a loving all-knowing being that created the whole universe, have a torture chamber? What is torturing someone forever going to teach them?  One strike and you are out forever?  Forgiveness?  Nope.  According to them god is not forgiving nor loving.  In fact he is a cruel sadist.  And so, it is what they can become.  To believe that is insane.

    They teach close-mindedness.  They teach the ideology of us against them. They teach:


    There is great power in fear and it is true that there is a great deal to fear.  But the facts are that the world is saver than it ever has been by every measure. However, up until now it has been a violent and scary place.  The Cold War, Nuclear Bombs enough to destroy the world 1000 times, deranged dictators, some still in power, two World Wars, religious cults - and that has been in the last 100 years.  So, hell yes, we need a very, very strong defense, enough to be offensive in several arenas, if need be.  One can go back through each century and see a pattern towards increasing violence. So now, out of healthy fear, we now need some breathing room to see if this increasing arc towards a more peaceful world continues.  There is no guarantee that it will.

    Fear is a call to educate oneself.  It is very difficult to fear what one understands. That is why fear thrives where education is scarce. It is a fact that a straight and short line can be drawn connecting fear and ignorance.

    Anger is expressed out of fear, frustration, and hurt.  Fear is a call to learn more.  Frustration is a sign of non-communication.  Hurt is felt by those who are not treated with respect and dignity.  All fixable problems.

    Withdrawing or standing your ground in the face of facts, evolution, and change will not solve anything.  It will only keep things the same.  Some want to keep things the same.  It is a fact that that, is impossible.

    And here we are.  

    Again, the vast majority do not think that way.  But there is a large enough group that do, and so, we all suffer. But their numbers are dropping on all sides.  We are progressing.  We are growing out of our primitive cave man ideologies about nature and the existential reality of life.

    I rant about religion because, this is the major source of most of today’s problems.  And it is not religion, it is what those that have psychological problem gloom onto it, hijacking the sacred texts to fit their particular mental conditioning and mental illness.


    Many people are denied a living wage and benefits for the sake of their millionaire bosses.  Many people who need health care are denied participation by a government whose only priority is to see the other side fail and for the rich to stay that way.  The few who amass billions at the expense of others and saying it is ‘just business’ is immoral.

    Today we do not have real Capitalism.  It has morphed into money hoarding.  Taking money out of the system to overseas accounts, or anywhere, bleeds the system.  

    Capital is the lifeblood of a capitalistic system so to take some out of it is like taking a pint of blood every other day.  The organism will function, but at a much slower manner because it is anemic. Give it some blood.  Give the system some capital and it will grow.  Take it out and it will not.  Those are simple facts.

    Then we teach, by example, that there is something fundamentally wrong with those who have less.  We elevate those who do.  And I have mine, and the rest of you can go 'suck it’, is our business mantra. ‘It’s just business….’ It ‘normalizes’ theft, fraud, gouging, hoarding, and greed.

    Capitalism works if everyone can participate and if the capital created is used to improve the system for all. That was done in the 50s 60s and 70s and the middle class grew in numbers.  Take it out and… here we are. It is very simple.

    Money is a great and wonderful thing.  But only if it is managed properly.   Capitalism does work, again, if everyone can participate.  Imagine the effect on the economy if money hoarders paid their employees a living wage.  All of that money would be back in the system and not in a bank collecting dust.  If today’s taxes, just the taxes, were collected from all the money in overseas accounts, it amounts to, with a very conservative estimate, 300 dollars for every person in the county.  What would happen with the economy if everyone were to suddenly have 300 dollars? It would be like a blood transfusion for an anemic system.  Instead, it is just collecting dust.  Imagine using the 25 billion for the wall and invest it in education and infrastructure.

    Those that make billions of dollars and pay their workers’ wages that force them to go to food backs and welfare, are immoral.  That is a fact.  If you cannot afford to pay employees, your most valuable resource, a living wage, perhaps you are not as good a business person as you think.  

    The financial system is so broken that predicting which way the country will go is like trying to predict which way a car will go with a broken steering mechanism and flat tires. It is easy to predict that it will end up in the ditch.  Just like 2008.  And that nothing has been fixed, means that it will happen again.  No consequences for bad behavior, nothing changes.  In fact, that will reinforce bad behavior. This is true of small children, a fact that we all know well, yet we think that in some way adults are immune from that phenomena – especially those with money. Those are facts.

    In the next 4 years the problems that will come from this broken system might not come as an ‘event It does not have to be something ‘happening’ but in the form of a series of choices made that set policy that determines behavior for the next several decades or longer. (At this time February 1st 2017, that seems to be the way it is going.

    The gap between the rich and poor will increase.  The national debt will increase.

    If you have extra money and want to invest it, invest in the earth.  Invest in the species. Give a cowto an impoverished family and you improve the status for many generations. Invest in wind and solar because the oil and gas industry is becoming a dinosaur.

    Invest in organizations that promote education no matter your intellectual bent.  If the earth is 6000 years old tell people about it and support those organizations that believe as you do. There are no wrong answers.  With so much information, the good and the bad, at each of our disposals, the good ideas will prosper.  The good will be defined in regard to how it helps humanity, not just the local group.  I believe that will happen, I believe it is happening, because again, most people are loving and caring. The ideas that promote separation, us against them, those that ignore facts and reality, and those that resist change, out of fear, will not. Their numbers are dwindling.

    Health Care

    Health insurance works if everyone participates.  However, many cannot participate.  And everybody will need expensive health care during the course of their lives.  It cost more than what can be done with health care premiums.  In other words, no one can afford health care.  The 
    government and the insurance companies are not big enough to pay all of that.  So for the next four years health insurance will be a problem no matter what the laws are passed. The system is broken. And competition is not the answer.  Health care is not like buying food or cloths.  Profit off of others misfortune and ill health is immoral.

    Price gouging by drug companies is immoral.  And that it is allowed is immoral.  The epi-pen was the most visible example of this however, it has happened with most drugs over the last 20 years.

    Health care is now a profit-off-suffering enterprise and so, is immoral.

    Gun Violence

    Guns don’t kill people mentally ill people do.

    There is a bill in congress right now that will make it easier for people to buy silencers for their guns.  Why is this necessary?  

    People on the no fly list can buy AK-47s.  

    Another problem with guns is that we are not following the second amendment.  I rarely if every hear anyone talk about the part of it that talks about ‘a well-regulated militia’.  We do not have a well-regulated militia. A strong argument can be made about that. (I will get the most flak about this  of all things wrong with the world -- some will flip out, in an extreme and childish way, most about this…..)

                                                                                                                Drug Abuse

    Drugs are a mental health issue and to treat addicts like criminals is like putting people in jail for getting cancer. Until we treat mental illness like we do cancer, shootings and violence will continue.  We jail those with drug problems.  We legalize several of the most destructive and addictive drugs that there are and criminalize one that has proven to be very effective at treating a whole host of physical and psychological problems.  The drug war has destroyed millions of young people lives and we still continue it in spite of the fact that we are the most drug dependent culture that has ever existed.

    Take the money out of drugs and the cartels stop being relevant and drug related crime, just stops.  A heroin addict, who now steals or prostitutes themselves, who could can get access to clean drugs dispensed by mental health professionals, will stop being a criminal.

    A person who is post out-patient surgeries are often given a prescription for many more pills than is needed for the pain - enough to get addicted.  We are doing it to ourselves.


    ‘Racism isn’t getting worse, it is now being filmed’, said Will Smith. That is a fact. It is now easy for all to see.  Those that perceive that it is getting worse just never saw what has been going on all along.  

    We are not different races.  That is also a fact.  The problem is our petty selfishness that divides us all up into groups and then demonizing the other.  I truly belief that if it were impossible for two brown eyed people to have a blue eyed child, and vice-versa, we would be fighting over that.

           The answer to all of these problems

    Education will solve 90% of everyone’s problems.  Not that we are a dumb species, overly violent, or have original sin, it is that we are a young species.  The problem is that we think that we are above nature, next to God and are the full expression of what God can do.  We think that we are the center of the universe and the center of Gods attention, that nothing else in the universe matters but us – the best God can do. The fact is we are not one step away from God, we are one step away from the animals.  

    Education will solve the majority of our problems, eventually.   We are now seeing the consequences of many outdated ideologies.  We are experiencing growing pains.  I believe that we will step up and grow beyond them and be stronger.  As the world continues to get more connected, as we see that those 'others' are not different from us at all, as we learn that we have a great deal to learn from others, we will grow and become more peaceful creatures. But it will take time. Education takes time.  And there will always be those that won’t get it.  After all some still believe the world is flat.  But we, as a world-wide collective, are getting there.  We are a young species behaving much like a teenager who has all the answers, without the experience to know differently.  We will get there.  It is incumbent upon each of us to continue educating ourselves and each other.

    The United States is a Cancer

    Each sign of the zodiac represent an essential part of the human experience.  They are like 12 inter-meshed gears. Without each one in play the whole organism or machine we will not function in a healthy manner.  All twelve are in each of us.  Each one serves a purpose, just like our organs – take one out and the rest will not function.

    Our County is a Cancer, July 4th 1776, with three other planets in Cancer.  There is a lot of Cancer is the nation’s horoscope.

    Cancer is about the basic human need that we all have - traditions, family, and the emotional need for a community. These values are an intrinsic part of our human nature and must be respected if society is to grow and prosper.

    Cancer is the need for an emotional connection.  A sense of belonging. Not pair-bonding relationships or marriage.  It is about family, or that which is familiar.  It is about domestic security. A safe home. No matter what or who you call family. It is the traditional sense it is about the biological family but it not exclusive to that.  Your first family, your family of origin, only conditioned your domestic and emotional expectations as an adult.  

    Cancerian ideology includes the need for God and Country.  Traditions and pride in ones heritage and home-land are a healthy and necessary. It is a part of the zodiac. It is a necessary part of everyone’s psyche.  Without it society any society could not function.  Its purpose is to give the individuals of that county or clan an essential sense of continuity.  It gives an emotional foundation and gives the feeling of being a part of something deep.  It provides an emotional connection to a person’s collective. If one does not have an emotional sense of social value, derived from ones heritage, one cannot have a sense of the importance of the future.  That is what Cancer is about.  It’s why patriotism is such an emotional thing.

    That is what many are concerned about.  And rightly so.  However, believing that others are wrong or evil because their society is ordered differently is blatantly wrong.  That person is stuck at the Cancer phase of life. There are 8 more signs after Cancer that cannot be experienced fully until the imbalance is understood and dealt with.  That takes introspection.

    These 8 areas of life include relationships, career, children, and many others.  Blind devotion to the family, country, or God will stunt ones social growth and worldly awareness.  To be stuck at the Cancer phase of life is to feel the need to withdraw from the group in fear of losing the heritage and past.  Those who are stuck will hold onto ideologies that are based in a time that is in the past and so, now, those ideas have no relevance to the current social realities.  They fear change. However, as critical as it is to hold onto the past, it is equally critical to let go of some of the past so a new future can grow. One must hold onto some of the past and be open to new ideas not based in the culture or family of origin.  It has to be a balance between keeping traditions and growing to include new ideas.  A foundation but with room to grow.  

    Those that expect allegiance to the family over individuality are stuck in the Cancer phase of life and can end up without an emotional connection to anything.  Those with a lot of Cancer in their charts, whether they are an actual Cancer Sun Sign or not, Cancerian individuals and nations that expect unquestioned allegiance to country and god, will end up angry and isolated. We all have some Cancer in our charts.

    But, we are part of the world and cannot separate ourselves.  Cancer is only one of the 12 parts of life not the end goal. In a negative sense Cancer allows emotions to interfere with logic and so we can believe things that are not factual because they feel right. Doing a thing because ‘It’s always been this way’ is not good enough. To be closed to ideas just because they are different from our local or national or religion or family is just plain dangerous and ultimately destructive to security.

    The US also has Moon in Aquarius which is fundamentally at odds with Sun in Cancer.  Moon in Aquarius really enjoys and needs, everyday, interaction with those who are different, having a deep and emotional understanding that it is unique individuals and freedom of speech and ideas that make the world work.  Moon in Aquarius understands at a deep emotional level that the individual is important.  Home Family and Apple pie = Cancer; Freedom of speech and individuality = Aquarius. Depending upon other horoscope factors and conditioning, some will lean into the Cancer side, others will lean into the Aquarius side.

    It is also a fact that each of us gets stuck in one or more areas during the course of our lives.  Each 
    of us has our individual ways of ignoring the facts and wanting life to be what we think it should be. (As if any individual has thee answer to the way life should be.)

    About Trump

    I focus on him because he represents the extreme extent that people will go because of an emotionally based perception of the state of the world.  There is a good argument for the idea that a Molotov cocktail thrown into the mix is better than what we have now.  But threats, bullying and childish behavior begets those same things.  Those base and primal reactions to any problems will not yield positive results. History has shown that over and over in many, many overt and obvious ways that to act that way, does not work at all.  That is a fact.    

    The Trumpers supported him did so for a variety of reasons.  I understand wanting a change.  It is desperately needed. All of us can see that the government does not work… well, it does works for a few. However, just something different for difference sake is very, very dangerous.  Different does not equal better. We need to clean house and a stick of dynamite will certainly change things. I believe that those that think Trump is the answer are being willfully ignorant by choosing to ignore the obvious signs of his incompetence in the area of governing and economics.  Some are willfully ignoring the overt signs of a person who is unfit to represent a diverse group of people.  This is not about politics.  It is about character. He may be fit for a variety of other things but obviously, not governing.  I am unfit to be president and most of you are.  Not because there is something wrong with you or me but because we lack experience.  I’m an astrologer but you would not ask me to put a filling in your tooth.  I’m smart enough to figure it out but would you sit in chair for me just because I’m smart?  Success in one area of life does not mean that fitness abounds in all other areas of life.  Putting a 5 year old narcissistic bully in charge will just be trading one set of problems for another. Just because someone has a billion dollars does not make them an oracle of wisdom. Even the Bible says, in many places, that we must hold our public servants to a higher standard.  A public servant has to be vetted economically and personally because they are public servants.  When one person is to represent a group of diverse individuals they must be held up to public scrutiny to make sure they can represent the group fairly.  

    ‘I alone can solve these problems and I know more than any of the experts.’

    And to follow anyone who says I alone can fix your problems?!?  Really?  What if I said that I am the only one, among astrologers, psychics, psychologists, and doctors, that can help you with your problems, how would you respond?  Anyone who claims to have the answers, let alone the only one, is a fool and only bigger fools would believe them.

    I believe that if Trumps tax returns were made public he would be removed from office.

    Not that Hillary was a good choice either for some of the same, and some different, very valid reasons. At least she is smart, discerning, and diplomatic. Trump is not any of those things. However, maybe that is exactly what is needed. I don't think so, but many do.  And I could be wrong. We will now find out, and I am very, very happy about that.  However, again, this is beyond politics. This situation, this election, is just making us aware of our shortcomings. All problems must be identified before they can be fixed.  I believe we are identifying many of them quite clearly.

    Negotiating anything from a position of fear or anger is the weakest stand anyone can take.  Fear and anger never solved anything.  Those are facts.  Ask any successful negotiator.  And, just because someone has money does not make them a good negotiator.  Fear and anger can be 
    very successful. A bully can be successful.  A bully is successful for themselves at the expense of others.  There are many that have suffered Trumps bullying tactics.  And the government is not a business.  It is not run like one and it does not have the same rules.  The governments success 
    cannot come at the expense of others.  Yet that is the overwhelming political ideology in Washington.  'My job', said the congressman, 'is to see the other side fail'.  Wow.

    Neither candidates are honest. If you think that Donald Trump is of good character and thoughtful, you are ignoring the facts. If you think that Hillary is not a power addict, with multiple problems, you are ignoring the facts.  However, I would rather have a smart power addict in charge than a narcissistic bully.  At least the power addict can work with others where the bully cannot.  Bully’s just break things.  But, I agree, things need to change and I don't think she would have changed much.  Voting for her, for many, would be voting for the status quo, which in many ways, I agree, is completely unacceptable.

    The worst two candidates each party has to offer.  Evidence that the system is broken.  This is a fact.


    The problem is not democrats or republicans. It is not about Hillary or Trump.  It is not about the political parties.  

    It is about a government gauges its success by the failure of the other side.  Working for the failure of ones opponent is not healthy at all.  In all things the individuals involved on both sides should work to better themselves.  Instead that energy that would lead to self-improvement is squandered and wasted by disparaging or even sabotaging the other side.  Everyone loses.  

    It is also about the number of people who don’t participate for whatever reasons.  We are all citizens of the world and need to step up to the challenge and create a world that works for all.  What is that quote about those who do not speak out, no matter what ‘side’ you’re on?  About complacency being similar to evil….  It takes us all to be engaged to get results that are good for all. And it does not take that much time and effort to stay engaged. Imagine if everyone did get involved and were allowed to vote… A voting holiday every two years. Also imagine if everyone that did vote was registered as independent….  The two party system would just disappear. It does not take much for the individual to do make big changes.  But the individual must be a part.

    And being 'above' politics is not an excuse, at all.

    Astrology says that the big challenge for the next four years is about politics and religion.  Hence the world situation and the tirade above. It is actually about morals and ethics.

    All areas of life must be evaluated and acted upon based on verifiable facts.  All twelve aspects of being human must also be held to the same scrutiny. We must seek and then acknowledge the objective facts and then base our decisions on those facts, not what we wish them to be or to be in line with the party, group, or congregation.

    And yes, there is a way to tell facts from fiction quite easily.  Use the gift of the brain God gave you.  (I think He or She expects you to use it - it would be a sin not to)

    The Punch Line

    None of this is really about politics or facts or logic or belief or expectations – it is about our need, every one of us, to evolve and grow in our self-awareness about the power, depth, and complexity of our psychological natures.  Our current world crises' are the symptoms or the consequences of a lack of understanding about even our most basic psychological natures.  Again: Most of the world’s problems are not political or religious. The biggest impediment to growth is outdated ideas and personal choices made out of psychological dysfunction.

    Those that believe the earth is 6000 years old, those that will not see that the climate of the earth changing, no matter what ‘caused it’, are just plain wrong.  (Climate change is the norm – it drives evolution.  Without it we would not be here.  It is a good thing…..)

    Don’t believe in evolution?  That is okay.  You should join the flat earth society.  What? They don’t exist anymore……?

                                                                  Further Thoughts

    We are all doing our best with what we have been given.  The world is a much safer now than it has been at any time in our recorded history. That is a fact. More people have shelter, food, water, and access to education than ever before.  Our scientific advancements have the potential to turn the world into a paradise. That is a fact. We just aren't quite there yet.  We have made super-human strides and the last greatest will be accepting and living into the fact that we are all one species, one great tapestry.  Nature loves diversity.  That is a fact.  Diversity is the key to the survival of the species.  We could exist and continue to evolve for hundreds of millions of years, if we choose.  And I believe we are choosing that.  But in that 100+ million year journey we are only about half a million years into it.  Relatively speaking only our first year.  So as we enter the terrible twos, temper tantrums and selfish behavior is sure to be with us for some time to come.  So it is up to us, all of us, to become more self-aware, question our beliefs, hold our leaders up to a higher standard, and love and respect each other no matter the content of our heart or the convictions of our soul.

    We are first citizens of the world, then our country, then our community and then our God.  In this equation God is not last. It looks that way but it is not. Putting people first is putting God first. All religions teach that.  

    Our brain is a gift.  It is what we need to survive and prosper even in the worst of times, geologically and climatologically speaking.  We just learned in the last 100 years about evolution. It was only in 1929 that we realized that the universe is expanding.  Before that we thought that the Milky Way Galaxy was the complete universe and only a few years earlier, 1923, that we realized that we are part of a galaxy.  

    It is a fact that we evolved and survived because we are a social creature. We cannot survive on our own as individuals. It is also a fact that we are each responsible for ourselves and need to do the best we can for ourselves. It is so that we can have a strong hand to help others.

    None of us are enemies.  We believe that our religion and politics tell us we are. And we are conditioned to think that.  But we can choose to think differently, but only if we form our ideas about ourselves and the world based on objective reality.

    Nature loves diversity.  We should to.  Cultures that are multi-cultural, much like the US has been for most of its existence, thrive.  Where respect - not just tolerance - for others beliefs, is the norm then growth, prosperity and safety will be achieved.  We can learn new things only from those who are different from us.  

    We are not a bad species we just don’t understand ourselves.  The biggest problem is that we think we do.  We think that we are the height of what the God can create.  We think we are a fully mature species.  We think we are one step below God when in fact we are one step above the animals.  Proof of those facts can be seen everyday on the news. We have a long, long way to go in our evolutionary journey.  Or not.  We have a choice. If we play our cards right it will be a long existence.  If we don’t then in a few million years another species will evolve and they can have a go at it…… We, in the cosmic scheme of things are not that important.  If we disappeared nothing in the universe will change.  In fact, the earth would get along better without us.  Our survival is important to only us.  We have to make ourselves important.  Reality does not care about us, we must care about it.

    At this time, in our country, Pluto is in play in a major way, and it states in no uncertain terms, that the rule of life is to evolve or suffer the consequences in the form of extinction.

    It is not the species that is the strongest or the smartest that survives and prospers. It is the species that learns how to adapt.

    We must come to an understanding about how and why people get hurt.  That is psychology.  That is Pluto.  And this understanding will solve most of the problems of the world.

    A majority of people still, superstitiously and ignorantly, view psychology for those that are damaged.  Something is intrinsically wrong with those that seek mental help and they are judged to be broken, inferior, and weak. The reality is, and it is a fact that, all of us need therapy.  All of us have a part of us that is broken and can only be fixed if one acknowledges that there is a problem.  An ancient way of saying that is: ‘All fall short of the glory of the Lord’.

    Hurt people, hurt people.  Anger, and therefore violence comes out of hurt, frustration, or fear.  All three of those things are born out of a misunderstanding about the way human life should be lived and experienced.  But again, it is not because we are fundamentally flawed.  We are young.  Young people make mistakes out of simple inexperience.

    We must come to understand that our brain is a tremendous gift but it requires a measure of logic and discernment and must be educated objectively.