Elaboration of the Transits and Maps Reading


      This book is my first contribution to the science of Astrology.
      It is only for those that want to learn more about Astrocartography 
      beyond what is in 
      many current text books.  The astronomy behind the new techniques are explained 
      which will reveal some deeper and more meaningful interpretations about the angles. 
      This invites a deeper study or examination of the natal horoscope, specifically the 
      importance of the angles.  It will increase accuracy in both the natal chart and with 
      the maps.

      A working knowledge of natal astrology is required to implement the ideas it 

      It shows how the maps as essential to an accurate natal horoscope reading.   

      There is an interpretation uncertainty in the basic interpretation of the natal 
      horoscope all astrologers are aware of, in that planets that appear in the end of the 
      9th and 12th sometimes seem to be strong as if they are in the 10th and 1st. Some 
      call those areas of the chart the 'Gauquelin Zones'.  It explains why they appear the 
      way the do and will eliminate that uncertainly by showing, with 100% accuracy, 
      which house a planet is actually affecting.

      It explains the coloring of the maps, which explains planetary 'areas' rather that just 
      the lines.

      It also explains the 'whole chart' interpretation of the Maps, not just the lines close 
      to the area in question.  In all places, and anywhere you are, there always is an MC, 
      IC, DC, and AC. All four factors are in play at any place you are and at any one place 
      on the Astrocartography map.  How to see all four angles at anyplace at anytime is 

      Send your check or money order, made out to:
      Darrell Steen,
      PO Box 1337,
      Angier, NC 27501.

      Astrocartography: New Directions, is only:................... $ 24.95


          A "Personality Profile" is a description about what you are at your most personal level, describing your 
        feelings, attitudes, and modus-operandi in all areas of your life.  It is possible to circumvent them, but only 
        at a great cost.  Many cultural and social expectations demand some self-denial which is in some cases 
        necessary and in others, a mistake.  It is important to be clear about when you can safely compromise 
        your values for the sake of cultural cohesion and when it would cause great personal suffering.  A reading 
        can clarify these issues exceptionally well.

        The influences which describe the past, present, and future, (called "transits"), do not describe what has 
        happened or what will happen; they describe what you would like to do, feel compelled to do, and what 
        would be best for you, whether you know what is best or not.  You have the ability to do anything at 
        anytime; free will always is the primary, overriding factor which works for or against you.  In other words, 
        you have just as much ability to choose the wrong course of action as the right one.

        Astrology does not seek to predict what is and what will be; it offers advice about what could be.  It only 
        offers suggestions about how to make your desires, needs, and ideas real.  It educates about the 
        possibilities inherent in all areas of concern revealing ideas, concepts, and specific information which will 
        enable you to proceed in a far more effective manner than would otherwise be possible.

        Those who are afraid of change, who avoid psychological and spiritual growth because it can be painful, 
        who seek the comfortable rut of security, and who play stereotypical, politically correct, socially approved 
        roles will find a reading a bit disturbing.  You are first and foremost an individual and therefore unique.  You 
        are responsible for your destiny.  Astrology teaches these principles and that to live is to risk.  The search 
        for our true selves, finding and following the road to psychological and spiritual growth, can be dangerous 
        and frightening because it demands serious scrutiny, unfailing self-analysis, and honesty.  However, it can 
        be equally exciting.  There are many roads to enlightenment and all demand being conscious and engaged 
        in the life process.  Astrology is one of many ways to achieve this.

        There are a number of things that cannot be seen in the chart.  For example: If you were to have"good" 
        influences and choose to indulge in addictive, self-destructive behavior patterns and then lie to  the Grand 
        Jury about it, you will not have a good time.  If you are having "good" influences and step in front of a 
        moving truck, you will not have a good time.  Staying conscious of moving vehicles is a choice.  These 
        things cannot be seen in the chart because it is possible to choose to behave in ways that can undermine 
        your potential.  Free will is a very powerful thing.  The point is to use some common sense when 
        interpreting your reading.  If you put yourself in a situation where there is no hope of improvement, where 
        others call the shots personally and/or professionally, then the planets are not going to make things change 
        or get better.  You must act.  You must remove yourself from oppressive situations so that you can 
        exercise free will.

        For some, astrology gives invaluable and profound insight into why things happen the way they do, 
        providing a philosophy or a way to think about each situation and circumstance encountered.  For others, it 
        provides validation and positive reinforcement of their convictions and ideas.  Sometimes the information 
        and perspectives given are not what the individual wants or expects to hear.  However, it is never fatalistic 
        or unrealistic.  It is only a certain type of information; the purpose being to make you think and encourage 
        direct participation in dealing with life's opportunities and dilemmas; the goal being psychological insight 
        and spiritual growth.

        Astrology sees you separate and distinct from all cultural and societal expectations.  It sees you as a 
        unique and special "Child of God", full of potential and afraid of nothing.

        You are the center of your universe.  Your personality, consciousness, and soul unfolds, grows and 
        changes just as the universe does.  It is a direct response to the events and circumstances encountered in 
        the material world.  Your personality constantly expands and evolves because it is a reflection of the 
        universal process.  Change is necessary and unavoidable.  To evade this, to live a routine, secure, safe, 
        and therefore unchallenged existence, is to try to avoid what life is.  You live in the world and are an 
        essential part of it.  For the universe to evolve, and indeed, for you to evolve, participation in all that life 
        can be is essential.  It is an everyday, lifelong search and discovery of what your personal driving and 
        guiding principles are, and need to be.  It requires a willingness to take positive and direct action, and 
        participation in the process of changing your life.  In the matters discussed, you have an abundance of free 
        will and are constantly encouraged to exercise it.  It is an important responsibility.

        The birth chart is best thought of as a map of the territory ahead, not the territory itself.  You must choose 
        how to traverse the terrain ahead.  In any long journey there will be detours and delays, excitement and 
        wonder, boredom and fatigue, happiness and fulfillment; living life must be a passionate endeavor.  It must 
        be pursued with direct and decisive action.

        No guts, no glory.

        Darrell Steen, P.M.A.F.A.

        Copyright, January 15th, 1994, September 4th, 1998, & March 1st, 2009

      I have a multitude of varying lectures and educational classes to 
      choose from.  I can also create a number of fun and interesting 
      presentations, depending upon the interests of your group, from a 
      serious perspective to something more lighthearted.

      These classes and lectures can be done in either the personal 
      setting or in any professional business arena.

      I use astrological examples from those attending, as well as 
      well-known or famous people, in all of my lectures, classes, 
      seminars & workshops, because I feel that real-world application is 
      the key to better understanding.

        "Astrology: How and Why It Works"
      This class can be tailored to your group interest.  This is
      an introduction to the ideas and concepts at the heart of
      astrology.  Newspaper horoscopes, sun signs, twins,
      meteorology, and astronomy are all discussed.  This
      class or presentation will reveal that astrology is a basic
      fact of life and how it can be used to further your  
      psychological and spiritual growth.  This can be geared
      towards groups that are more serious about astrology
      or to those that just want something fun and interesting.
      Number of Classes: 1                            Length: 1 - 1.5 Hrs.

      "Basic Natal Astrology"
      This is a four-to-eight week class about the "Planets",
      "Signs", and "Houses".  This class explains the core
      ideas contained in each of these basic Natal Chart
      Number of Classes: 4-to-8                Length: 1.5 Hrs. Each

      "Advanced Natal Astrology"
      This is also a four-to-eight week class.  These classes
      teach how to integrate the "Planets", "Signs", and
      "Houses" into a readable whole.  Aspects and
      Astronomy are covered.
      Number of Classes: 4-to-8                Length: 1.5 Hrs. Each

      "Transits and Progressions"
      This class is also four-to-eight-weeks and covers
      predictive astrology.  The techniques of "Transits",
      "Progressions", and "Returns" will be explained and
      demonstrated using examples of those in the class.
      Number of Classes: 4-to-8                Length: 1.5 Hrs. Each

      "Basic Astrocartography"
      This class is four-to-eight weeks and will demonstrate
      how these maps work and gives an overview on how to
      interpret them.
      Number of Classes: 4-to-8                Length: 1.5 Hrs. Each

      "Advanced Astrocartography"
      This class is also four-to-eight weeks and will
      demonstrate how to integrate the birth chart with the
      "Astrocartography Maps", giving the ability to clearly
      see the right place at the right time.
      Number of Classes: 4-to-8                Length: 1.5 Hrs. Each

      "Astrology and Christianity"
      Traditionally people think of these two as antagonistic,
      however, that is not true at all.  In this class, astrology
      is put into a historical perspective and scriptural context.
      Number of Classes: 1                                Length: 1.5 Hrs.

      This is a photo of the Second Segment, (the second of three segments), 
      which is a very small portion of The Veil Nebula.  Its the 
      remains of a supernova that exploded thousands of year ago.  The 
      entire structure spans about three degrees on the sky, corresponding to 
      about six full moons.  The image was taken with the Hubble's Wide Field 
      Planetary Camera 2 in November, 1994, and August, 1997.

      This is a photo of the 'Tadpole Galaxy', also known as Galaxy UGC 10214, taken on April 1st and 9th, of 2002, by 
      the Hubble Space Telescope.  Against a stunning backdrop of thousands of galaxies, this odd-looking galaxy 
      with the long streamer of stars appears to be racing through space, like a runaway pinwheel firework.  Its 
      distorted shape was caused by a small interloper, a very blue, compact galaxy visible in the upper left corner of 
      the more massive 'Tadpole'.  The Tadpole resides about 420 million light-years away in the constellation Draco.  
      Seen shining through the Tadpole's disk, the tiny intruder is likely a hit-and-run galaxy that is now leaving the 
      scene of the accident.  Strong gravitational forces from the interaction created the long tail of debris, consisting 
      of stars and gas that stretch out more than 280,000 light-years.  Numerous young blue stars and star clusters, 
      spawned by the galaxy collision, are seen in the spiral arms, as well as in the long "tidal" tail of stars.  Each of 
      these clusters, represents the formation of up to about a million stars.  Their color is blue because they contain 
      very massive stars, which are 10 times hotter and 1 million times brighter than our Sun.  Once formed, the star 
      clusters become redder with age as the most massive and bluest stars exhaust their fuel and burn out.  These 
      clusters will eventually become old globular clusters similar to those found in essentially all halos of galaxies, 
      including our own Milky Way.  Two prominent clumps of young bright blue stars in the long tail are separated by 
      a "gap" - a section that is fainter than the rest of the tail.  These clumps of stars will likely become dwarf galaxies 
      that orbit in the Tadpole's halo.  The galactic carnage and torrent of star birth are playing out against a 
      spectacular backdrop of 6,000 galaxies that represent twice the number of those that were first discovered in 
      1995 with the legendary Hubble Deep Field Camera.  These galaxies are a myriad of shapes that represent fossil 
      samples of the universe's 13 billion-year evolution.

      One light-year = traveling @ 186,000 miles per second, x 60 seconds per minute,
           x 60 minutes per hour, x 24 hours in one day, x 365 days per year!
                   Multiplied By 420 Million To Reach The Tadpole Galax


      This dramatic image offers a peek inside a cavern of roiling dust and gas where thousands of stars are forming.  More 
      than 3,000 stars of various sizes appear in this sharpest image ever taken of the Orion Nebula M42, also known as NGC 
      1976.  Some of them have never been seen in visible light.  These stars reside in a dramatic dust-and-gas landscape of 
      plateaus, mountains, and valleys that are reminiscent of the Grand Canyon.  The Orion Nebula is a picture book of star 
      formation, from the massive, young stars that are shaping the nebula to the pillars of dense gas that may be the homes of 
      budding stars.  The bright central region is the home of the four heftiest stars in the nebula.  The stars are called the 
      Trapezium because they are arranged in a trapezoid pattern.  Ultraviolet light unleashed by these stars are carving a 
      cavity in the nebula and disrupting the growth of hundreds of smaller stars.  The bright glow at upper left is M43, a small 
      region being shaped by a massive, young star's ultraviolet light.  Astronomers call the region a miniature Orion Nebula 
      because only one star is sculpting the landscape.  The Orion Nebula has four such stars.  Next to M43 are dense, dark 
      pillars of dust and gas that point towards the Trapezium.  These pillars are resisting erosion from the Trapezium's intense 
      ultraviolet light.  The glowing region on the right reveals arcs and bubbles formed when stellar winds - streams of 
      charged particles ejected by the Trapezium star - collide with material.  The Orion Nebula is the nearest star-forming 
      region to Earth and is 1,500 light-years away.

              One light-year = traveling @ 186,000 miles per second,
                         x 60 seconds per minute, x 60 minutes per hour,
                             x 24 hours in one day, x 365 days per year!
                        Multiplied By 1,500 To Reach The Orion Nebula!


      Astrology is not a fortune telling device, nor is it about
      pre-destiny.  Astrology consultations offer advice about how to proceed so that you can 
      exercise greater free-will. Knowledge is power and a reading can help you discover powerful 
      new ideas.  Astrology offers counsel, advice, and ideas so that informed choices can be
      made about all aspects of life.
      Astrology offers ideas and specific advice about your future and your life that is an alternative 
      to traditional, customary, and conventional ideologies.  It presents an 'Alternate Perspective' 
      designed to make you think about all of your options.
      Darrell Steen, P.M.A.F.A. @ P.O. Box 1062, Broadway, NC 27505

      This is a photo of The Whirlpool Galaxy, also known as M51, (NGC 5194), and its companion, NGC 5195.  The graceful, winding arms of this majestic spiral galaxy appears like 
      a grand spiral staircase sweeping through space.  They are actually long lanes of stars and gas laced with dust.  The Whirlpool's most striking feature is its two curving 
      arms, a hallmark of so-called grand-design spiral galaxies.  These arms serve the important purpose because they are star-formation factories compressing hydrogen gas 
      and creating clusters of new stars.  In the Whirlpool, the assembly line begins with the dark clouds of gas on the inner edge, then moves to bright pink star-forming regions, 
      and ends with the brilliant blue star clusters along the outer edge.  It was long thought that the arms prominence was caused by the effects of a close encounter with the 
      small, yellowish galaxy NGC 5195, at the outermost tip of one of the arms, however Hubble has clearly shown that it has actually been gliding behind it for 100's of millions 
      years.  As NGC 5195 drifts by, its gravitational muscle pumps up waves within the Whirlpools pancake-shaped disk.  The waves are like ripples in a pond generated when a 
      rock is thrown into the water.  When the waves pass through orbiting gas clouds within the disk, they squeeze the gaseous material along each arm's inner edge.  The dark 
      dusty material looks like gathering storm clouds.  These dense clouds collapse, creating a wake of star birth, as seen in the bright pink star-forming regions.  The largest 
      stars eventually sweep away the dusty cocoons with a torrent of radiation, hurricane-like stellar winds, and shock waves of supernovae blasts.  Bright blue star clusters 
      emerge from the mayhem, illuminating the Whirlpool's arms like city streets.  The Whirlpool Galaxy is located 31 million light-years away in the constellation Canes Venatici, 
      (The Hunting Dogs).

                                         One light-year = traveling @ 186,000 miles per second,
                                  x 60 seconds per minute, x 60 minutes per hour,
                                       x 24 hours in one day, x 365 days per year!
                          Multiplied By 31 Million To Reach The Whirlpool Galaxy!


      Amid a backdrop of far-off galaxies, the majestic dusty spiral galaxy, NGC 3370, looms in the 
      foreground in this NASA Hubble Space Telescope image.  The total exposure time for this 
      galaxy took one full day, and the combined image provides one of the  deepest views taken 
      by Hubble.  As a result, thousands of distant galaxies are discernible.  NGC 3370 resides 98 
      million light-years, (or 30 megaparsecs), from Earth in the constellation Leo.  Recent 
      observations taken with the Advanced Camera for Surveys, (ACS), show spiral arm 
      structure spotted with hot areas of new star formation.

      One light-year = traveling @ 186,000 miles per second,
      x 60 seconds per minute, x 60 minutes per hour,
      x 24 hours in one day, x 365 days per year!
      Multiplied By 98 Million To Reach Spiral Galaxy NGC 3370!

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