Dwarf-Planets Reading

The Transits and Maps Reading Must Be Done First!

In 2006 Pluto was officially demoted from being a planet and became a Kuiper Belt Object.  This was because another planet as big as Pluto was discovered; Eris, the goddess of 'Discord and Strife'.  It was claimed to be discovered by several different individuals and a great fight about its discovery ensued.  Its naming also was the source of great disagreements.  Some wanted to call it Persephone but an asteroid already had that name.  Zena was tossed around, but nope.  It also disrupted astronomers view of the solar system and threw the whole neat and tidy descriptions of planets, asteroids, and other objects into question.  Not to mention the flack from the public about Pluto's demotion. Being planet about 'Discord', the name Eris, really does fit.  It is now showing us something about human nature that, if left unaddressed, will lead to chaos and war.  


Pluto is included in this reading because it has more in common with these objects than it does with the other 8 planets. Its orbit is just like the other newly discovered Dwarf-Planets and not like the regular eight

The 8 recognized planets all have orbits that are almost circular with the Sun at the center and all eight, including our Moon, move along the same plane.  The orbits of all of the Dwarf Planets, including Ceres, are elongated so the Sun is not at the center and they are 'tilted' so they do not move in the same plane as the regular eight planets.

Their orbits are very different than the others in all ways possible.  Its astrological interpretation is also different, in many ways, than the regular planets.  

Other objects have been found, large enough to have significant influence:

 Haumea: Fertility.  The universe is alive and fertile, bursting with life, growth, and abundance.

Makemake: The earth is a terrarium.  

Varuna:  The universe is jam packed with energies that we don't understand and cannot. 

Orcus: New beginnings that have a 248 year life span.  The opposite of Pluto.

Eris: Revealing that petty personal attitudes can lead to war and genocide.  

Sedna: Climate change driving evolution.

Quaoar: Soul families - deep ancestry - We are all related as if we all had the same Grandparents.

  Pluto:  Reveals the reality of psychology.  Intellect is only a tool; the tool box is made of psychological, emotional, and spiritual 'stuff'.    

They tell us, individually, about ourselves within the bigger picture.  They tell us about principals and concepts we must embody, as a species and as a world, if we are to grow, prosper, and evolve.  This means several paradigm shifts away from our local and self-serving ideologies.  

What You Get:

Charts and full-color Astrocartography Maps are included.

The Interpretation:

 Of all of these Dwarf Planets and more.  Chariklo, a new Centaur, just like Chiron is also included.


A second reading, close to the end of the first, is included.  


All readings and follow-ups are recorded and sent email or CD

The Transits and Astrocartography Reading must be done first! 

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