Personality Profile

The intention of this Profile, as is with all of astrology, is to make you to think about life from a truly alternate perspective.  It defines your personality potentials from a cosmic perspective that is heavily interpreted through psychological/spiritual realities.   It is also down-to-earth describing your needs, talents, and struggles in a real-world practical manner.  It gives great personal insight into your most private inner self, not how you appear to others.  It offers specific suggestion and advice that will enable you to deal with all  issues, personal and professional, more effectively.

This Profile will help you to see where you are acting out of conditioning or from your own individuality.  This Personality Profile explains the core feelings about all issues in your life as distinct and separate from your familial and societal conditioning.   

No knowledge of Astrology is necessary. 

 All horoscope factors are arranged into sections explaining and describing issues related to and affecting these areas:

1. The Self - Your genuine personality and character...

2. Others - Partnerships and pair-bonding factors...

3.The Mind - Intellectual interests and communicative abilities...

4. Home and Family - Conditioning and family of origin issues...

5. Material Values - Material security and personal sense of values...

6. Career and Vocation -- Your calling and professional or worldly aspirations...

7. Friends and Social Life -- The wider world, travel, triangulation...

8. Spirituality - Your needs and feelings about the ultimate meaning of life...

9. Psychological Nature - How psychological growth is experienced...

This reading does not contain any information about the past, present, or future, or Astrocartography. 

That is in the Transits and Astrocartography Reading.

What you Get:

The Text: 

A 100+ pages of text interprets and describes the 9 important areas of life listed above. 

The text is my interpretation of the individual horoscope factors, the pieces of the chart, the planets in the Signs, Houses, and their aspects.

The Interpretation:

  Along with the text, 90 - 110 pages, an hour long explanation in which I would explain how these parts of your personality intertwine.  It is an interpretation about how all the parts of the chart go together as a complete whole. 

Chart Factors:

 1)  Sun Sign through Pluto Sign Interpretations.

2)  Each Planets meaning, explaining the nature of each planets relationship to the area of life in analysis.

3)  An interpretation of the major planetary aspects.

4) The house position of the planets and the Sun and Moon.


The reading and follow-up consultations are sent to you through email or on CD.

  (The Koch House Division System is used. Planets on cusps, house or sign, both interpretations will be sent.) 

If you are unsure of your birth time, email me for special instructions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call me @: 919 258 0150

The total cost of this reading is only: $144.00

Send a check, or international or US money order to:

Darrell Steen 

125 St. Matthews Road

Dudley, NC 28333   

Email me when the check is in the mail and it will be considered paid for.

A check or money order will not delay your reading.